Racing unicycle

Forgive me if this has been covered before but I couldn’t find it. Check out this pic

Who built up a carbon fiber v frame? Is that a Harper or unisk8er geared hub? It looks like a 29er or is it 36? That tire looks light but we have no such tire in the marketplace…do we? Is this for real and if so why hasn’t it been discussed here? Thanks

oops! I just realized that the source is a photoshop gallery. Still, the photo appears to have a ground in reality and direction of the GUNI. Maybe this is GizmoDuck’s V-frame in a few years.

Yep, that’s the sort of frame I want to build. Maybe not with the TT position, but certainly with a similar set-up to a road bike- possibly with drop bars.


Probably the best unicycle picture I ever seen!

Very cool! I wonder who did the photoshopping, because they seem to know a decent amount about unicycling. Is that Jan’s face? The chainring is a bit random, as are the pair of brake levers on the handlebars, and how the spokes pass through the water bottle is a mystery… But overall it’s awesome! I want a deep section wheel like that. I wonder who will be the first unicyclist to wear a TT helmet/head-fairing in public?


mmmwwwhhhaaaaaa!! Yes, the best uni pic ever!!

And with all the carbon manufacturing out there now, all it takes is the right contact to make it happen. A 1.5 lb. frame is realistic.

My favorite part about that image is the rider’s position. I think we’ll end up there eventually. The scary part about a full-on tuck position is being able to bail when necessary. If you’re already bent over like that, you have less ability to run out of a dismount without eating it. That’s why my riding position is a semi-tuck.

Nice Photoshop work, which I assume started out with a guy on a triathlon bike, and embellished from there. I don’t see a chainring, I think the artist figured out to put a disc brake in there. But the water bottle is definitely a ghost to be able to live in the middle of the wheel! And of course the frame is way over-built but it looks cool.

You forgot to say “and money.” Yes, my carbon fiber MUni frame (smaller than what you’d need for a 36" is extremely light, definitely under a pound.

At first glance I thought it were a disc brake, but the more I look at it it looks like a chainring or two on a spider. The crank looks like a Primo Powerbite. As for the bottle, I think it looks like it could be either in the wheel as you say, or on the frame this side of the wheel.

Either way, It does look a cool machine.

It’s a bike-like position. You’re still thinking like a unicyclist. When you ride your bike at 30km/hr, when was the last time you set-up your bike so that you could bail out of it in a hurry?

At high speeds, I think the lower center of gravity will help with stability. It doesn’t have to be set-up with TT bars, just a handlebar that stretches you out the same amount as on your bike would be adequate.

Your first hint is the large gear(s) around the hub.
The second is the waterbottle.

looks to me like a chainring in the center… and looks like the brakes were left on both ends of the original frame which would explain the two brake levers. the faster I go the easier it is for me to stay balanced in a low tuck so the positioning doesn’t scare me all that much. I’m still working at a frame/rim combo design for a CF 36’er.