Quick release through axle?

Yesterday looking at 15mm through axle forks in a Mtb mag and got the idea of why not on a uni.

The problem is the release lever would get in the way as you pedal. How about instead of a leaver, you have a small metal bit that can swivel out ~ 45 degrees, it would have a slot for a 6 mm allen wrench so you can get enough leverage. To keep it strong you might have to minimize how much it rotates out, to still be able to “pull” it out there could be a small groove in the crank where you could stick in the allen before swiveling the “lever” out.

I’m thinking the axle would have to dislodge from at least one of the cranks and a easy, secure way of securing w/ the crank(s) when reattatching.

I don’t know anything about the internals of a Schlumph, so it might not work w/ it.

What do you guys think? Feal free to discuss and shoot holes in my idea or give your own.


What problem are you solving? Once I get a wheel nicely mounted on my frame I do not mess with it often.


The frames that can take a 26" Larry tire can take 3 different wheel sets, 24", 26" and 29". Granted, this is a small niche but it may also be applicable for those who take their wheels off to transport their unis in the car.

I’d love one, my surly frame with disk mount is constantly being used with different wheels. I have my 29" set up for road cruising, my 24" for DH and tech muni and my 26" for all around muni fun. Being able to switch wheels without much of a fuss is appealing :slight_smile:

Scott- Off the top of my head, easier to change tubes for flats, switching tires, easier storage in cramped cars or airline luggage, and as Tirving suggested swapping different wheel sizes in the same frame.

Edit there are a couple of older threads on QRs
& Koxx-One prototype

wouldn’t a frame with qr bearing holders be a better idea ? :sunglasses:

What would the QR skewer be holding? You can’t have the unicycle frame work like the front fork of a bike; you need bearings separating the cranks from the frame.

If so then the bearings could be more securely attatched to the frame and the axle would slide out from all of it, or the bearings could be imbeded into the cranks.

Wouldn’t quick release bearings make more sense for rapid wheel changes?

Here is an old thread that discusses prototype QR bearing holders:


The cranks need to turn, the crank spindle needs to turn, the hub needs to turn, the frame needs to remain stationary. The bearings need to be in between the parts that need to turn and the parts that need to remain stationary. Basically this means that the bearings need to come off with the wheel.

If you have a real conceptual design for a QR skewer for a unicycle, post a diagram, because I don’t see how what you’re getting at could be workable.