hey how do you put a picture by your name ???

Adding an Icon

Here are the click-throughs… comments on Icon after:

Your step 3 may say ‘Add Avatar’ or ‘Choose Avatar’ - I duh know…

Step 4, you just brows to where you have the image saved on your PC.

Image restrictions: Image size may be no bigger than 50x50 Pixels. If you need a guide, copy somebodies (say, a Monkey) and use it as a size template. If you have any trouble, we’re here. :slight_smile:



Thanks, Ive been wondering the same thing myself.
Am i allowed to use a copyrighted picture?
Is there anyway i can break down a pic less than 50x50 if it is over?


Hey, man- it’s all self expression: talent borrows, genious steals (unless it’s from me- then genious get’s his legs broken).

You can use Windows basic editor, Paint. If that doesn’t work, post the pic here with indications of what you need done…



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Is this the Jus-10?
uh oh…

EU- don’t instigate anything. Justin is going to stay Kozy and florish in a positive unicycling enviroment. Nature/Nerture, dude.


nice bonus add ons Rysling.i’ll have to turn on my uni-porn option like yours.i wont comment on the other one,i dont want to embarass someone… :wink:

Post the picture here and I’ll do it for you. Or send it to me in a private message. Whatever’s easiest.

If you crete your avitar using paint, make sure to shrink the excess to the size of the avatar only.

Some times the solution takes a couple of months. :thinking:

I’m smaller. Also better.

Re: thanks

As long as you have permission from the copyright owner. But better to use something that’s yours, especially to act as your “logo.”

If you have a graphic program with something more than the minimum of features (Windows Paint is minimal), you should be able to reduce a larger image to 50 x 50 or less. The question is how much will it degrade. I would take Andrew’s offer on that.

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John Foss
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hey i did it thx

melts in your mouth not in your hands

hmm and I thought that this thread was gonna be something along the lines “Why is Klass such an ass?”

Welcome back Jus-10

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Actually John, i wanted to use a picture from your website, the one with the uni and all the grass in between the seat and the protecter/handle/front dealie. I was wanting to use that picture, is it ok with you?

Hey, Chex, chill - that threads already forgoten. Let the man live it down. Peace, welcome back. Post pictures of your crank stall when you get a chance.