question about kris holm street saddle

I now am comfortable with riding sif and I realized that the lx saddle has a really bad and painful grip underneath. I was wondering if it’s easy to grip the underside of the kh street saddle.

yes. It is nice and comfy(for me at least, not sure about other people(I find the LX saddle painful for sif too))

I have 3 friends who ride with the LX/Miyata styles saddles.

I despise them for SIF. They hurt my hands a lot, specially one of the saddles, because his cover has ripped off, so im grabbing right onto the sharp plastic. Ouch! :astonished:

I dont know about the new KH saddles, but I have an older KH saddle, and find it way better than the Miyata/LX styles seats for SIF.

andrew carter recomende somewhere that you just split some tubing onto that sharp plastic or somthing like that

Accually I’ve had an LX saddle on my trials for like 4 monthes now, much stiffer than KHs and I don’t find the grip painful at all. I even have a KH sitting around because i think it feels to weird to ride sif with it.


I have also found the LX seat uncomfortable. My big dutch hands can only manage to have 3 fingers in there and they bend in really uncomfortable places and ways. of course my Dx seat has it’s shortcommings too.

i have the kh street seat and it is awesome. really comfy for sif (which i suck at btw) and nice and slim and good for trials

does it have a good grip underneath the seat?


much like teh nimbus gel which also has great sif grip.