Yours Truly has landed the Running, kick mount thing

yep its true…

i stood in place and attempted a good 50 tries or so before i got one. After that i got another 5 or so. So i’m about 6/80 right now haha. Its the greatest feeling… to just run at your unicycle on the ground and mount it.

I also got my highest rolling hop (up onto a high bench), landed a couple of 5 stairs, a couple of unispins, and severely injured by balls a few times.

overall, a very productive day

Good for you!! I just recently conquered the Kick-mount and 180 unispin. I tried for a 360 yesterday, but I had to quit after the first try.:frowning: I had a perfect spin and might have landed it if my pinky finger had not foun its way into that gap in the handle. the gap was just wide enough to let it in, but not out! when I felt it go in, I put my feet on the ground while the uni was still spinning. I thought I broke my finger off it hurt so bad! I was also going to try a 5 set that day.:(:(:(:(:frowning:

Do you ever read something, and you just cringe, because it sounded so painful? -shudders-

Congrats on the running kick-up mount Chexjc…I can do kick-up mounts, but I can’t get running ones.


if you can do a kick up mount standing still…the running aspect isn’t too hard to add in. I think its easier running actually…it helps you get the unicycle strait up