Question about brakes.

Do you think that I could use a caliper brake or a center pull brake on a unicycle? I would imagine it’d be fine. I’m just wondering why people don’t use cable actuated brakes. It seems like it’s also a logical way instead of hydraulic Magura brakes.

They work great on road wheels but it is hard to get a cable actuated rim brake too fit around a 3" tire.

I used a BMX style brake on my 36 and road 27 for a while and they worked just fine. Eventually switched to Maguras for better modulation and stopping power then to disks to remove wheel/frame flex from the equation.

If you search there’s a couple threads about it, I’d start here,

I plan on giving this a try after I get a 29er.

Well that works perfectly! I’d be using it strictly on a road tire. :smiley:

I have a V-brake on a 29er road/MUni cross, it works great, and more reliably than the Maguras.