Quadriple flip on flat..................!!!!!!!

I checked my youtube subscriptions and there was a video of a quadriple flip on flat! check it out.

you´re crazy o.O

and soo clean :astonished:

respect, are you the first who landed the quod flip in flat?

I don’t think that was Unisykolist who landed it. He just saw it on youtube.

Its Krisz Kovacs

that´s awesome
but why do you call the thread quadripleflip
if it´s called quadflip?

Krisz is a beast. That is amazing.


WOW! Sick Krisz!

Sick!!! :d

I will not express any amazement until he uses only one hand :p.

ok im starting to get sick of the amount of techno used in videos…barf

SICK quad flip though, thats pretty cool

stereim did it first, krisz is still a beast.

is there a video of stereims quadflip?

The quality is terrible. It’s almost impossible to tell it’s a quad flip. I’ll try to find it quick…

edit: here’s the thread

It doesnt work :frowning:

maybe that does

That one worked, but it was bad quality :frowning:

That was SICK!

Cool. I wonder if Shawn has done one yet. I remember him posting something about wanting to do one in that 4 thread.

I’d say 2 handed on flat is as impressive as 1 handed off a drop.

So yeah, pretty cool