Quadriple flip on flat..................!!!!!!!

I remember him posting strongly against doing one. He said it’s a waste of time to practice. I kinda agree with him, it’s not the most exciting trick to work towards imo. You can’t really tell if it’s a quad or a trip unless you slow it down, and it’s simply not all that inventive or flashy.


He must have changed his mind, or he just wasn’t being serious here.

Yeah, he probably has. Either that, or I’m misremembering.

He probably changed his mind when he saw Loic had landed it.

This makes sense if you are only riding to impress people. For someone who rides for personal satisfaction it makes perfect sense to practice this trick.

stereim landed 3 or 4 quadflip at the french unicycle cup :sunglasses:

Heh, I wouldn’t say I really ride to impress people. On the contrary, I’ve always thought of this trick to just be a pure bragging rights trick. I ride for personal satisfaction more than anything, and this trick wouldn’t really satisfy me as it would just be so boring to practice! And then when I do land it, I think that I would feel that it was a waste of time as the trick just isn’t very inventive, and I would have wished that I would have spent that time practicing inward hugevarial sideflips or something like that. If others would like to learn this trick, by all means, learn it, but really such things just don’t call to me at all. I think that I would only practice this trick if I got to a point where it took me less than 5 minutes to learn one handed, or if I would want to go around telling others that I landed a Quadrupleflip. May not be that way for others, but that’s how it is for me.