I went to a Karstadt Sport store in Liepzig, Germany not too long ago, and found an interesting pamphlet next to a rather impressive (for a sporting goods store) unicycle display.

I scanned, and you can view here:

It seems like a good way of spreading info about unicycling. (I only hope that there were no copyright issues, especially with the photos evidently used from John Foss’s web site.)


You can also see the pics in color, as well as the text translated to English, at http://www.qu-ax.de/index_1024E.html

that was to cool Jeff,i can hear Foss right now but i cant wait to read his words :wink:

to cool, to cool, to c-o-o-l.

good to know your still out there.keep up the 7-Bounce.

Jeff lives! Please, please- post a fresh video- Sophie doesn’t fall to sleep anymore when watching your skill demo- so I have to shrink it down to %50 so that I can surf; that music is driving me crazy(er)…


Phat Fred is on page 7!!!


Check out the Sadle/Hub/Frame

Check out the new Sadle, Hub and Frame!:

Da’ Goods

“Yes, we mul-ti-ply…” Slow but sure.



I went to the main Da Goods site, http://www.qu-ax.de/index_800E.html, and pulled this little paragraph from the How to Drive section. Evidently it’s the German translation into English.

My friend the unicycle

When you approach to this strange item, make sure that the helmet is on your head ,and the kneecaps are on the right place.
It’s different to a horse, you cannot see at once where front and the rear is. But don’t worry, you will find it out. The seatclamp shows in riding direction, that means the screw is in the back. Most of the time the saddle is a little bit smaller on the front side. The pedals and cranks are marked with “R” and “L” for left and right. This is very important, because if you use them in the wrong position the pedal will become loosen and you will damage the tread.

It is easy to find the right position for your saddle. When sitting on the saddle your leg should be straight when the pedal is in the lowest position. The picture shows you how to measure easy. When you are with your breast on the saddle and your fingertips can touch the axle, then you have the right size!

come on jeff, at least you should tell these guys about the EJC, im gunna do the http://www.rit.edu/~jvl2957/tmp/ thing, its just too cool to keep to yourself

“When you are with your breast on the saddle…”

Whoah! Some unicycles have all the fun. I vote we have the next UNICON in Germany!

d00d! check out that MUni saddle they have–it looks really nice, how do we find someone with that thing? i wanna sit on it

I saw quite a few yellow freestyle tires at UNICON and wondered where they came from. I see this German site sells a yellow tire. The site says it has a diamond pattern so must be similar to the Primo “The Wall” tire.


For a second there I thought you went to Woodstock with all the mud.

Well, I’m planning on re-organizing things when I get back to school. So, as the “tmp” implies, that’s only a temporary URL until I get my lutkus.com box up again.

And as for new videos, I may have a clip or two, but that will also have to wait until after I’ve gotten situated again.

I’ve spent the past 2+ months backpacking around Germany, without unicycle or computer, so I’m still getting used to being back in the states.


RE: Qu-ax

> (I only hope that there were no copyright issues,
> especially with the photos evidently used from
> John Foss’s web site.)

Not to worry, the MUni shots were used with permission, and appear to
include a link to my Web site. I just never got a copy of the booklet…



No pics with two people on the tandem Uni…

A Unicycle built for 2

Is it really possible for two to ride that thing at once?!?

From the unicycling.org website:



Whoop! There it is! ( I don’t think they’re Germans, though! )

Thanks, Bruce!

this hub looks very tasty,cranks fall off no more with internal threads.

m-u-s-t g-e-t o-n-e o-f t-h-e-s-e ! ! !

notice that its a 48 holer too!!!


Ya. I put internal threads on the uni.5 hub. I don’t get this thing with male threads on unicycle axles. Is that a historical thing (UK: an historical thing) or is there an engineering reason? It seems easier to me to drill and tap than to make a longer axle, turn down the ends, and then thread the ends.


OK, calling Mr. Drummond!

Here’s the dealer-contact info:

Becker Vertriebs GmbH
Industriestr. 12
33750 Schloß-Holte-Stukenbrock
Tel. +49 (0) 5207-926340
Fax.+49 (0) 5207-926341


Can you get the Muni saddle and the “48-Loch Nabe” with the threaded axle? The “Muni-Gabel” might be another nice addition to Unicycle.com’s catalog, too…

By the way, how do you say “Qu-ax”?

… Quacks?