Qu-Ax 20 or Nimbus Trials 20?

Help! What type should I get? Do I get the Nimbus nd a UDC gel saddle or just the Qu-Ax?

qu-ax is stronger of coure cauz it’s splined…

so u think qu-ax? coz if i get the qu-ax it means i dont get the UDC gel saddle 4 the extra comfort!

no big man… the other uni will snap like ass on a 4 ft drop… the qu-ax will hold up pretty nice…

Just do a lot of SIF trials, then you wont really need a comfy seat lol

thanx man
ny more thoughts on the subject are still welcome ny1!

Yes, are you considering the qu-ax 20-inch cross unicycle with the red hub or the splined trials version with the yellow hub? The cross version is $10 more than the nimbus trials and the qu-ax splined trials is roughly $100 more than the nimbus. If you are debating between the unsplined cross qu-ax and nimbus then I would opt for the nimbus with the gel saddle, otherwise go for the splined qu-ax.

P.S. The splined qu-ax trials uni is no longer listed on UDC, does anyone know what is going on with that?

the qu-ax for shure

yeh its the splined one. So what is this SIF thing i keep hearin about? :thinking:

Seat-in-front, it is typically used in trials for better hopping height.

ohhhhhh, i get it now thanx man :sunglasses:

yer, brownboy, just do it to piss off chris :stuck_out_tongue:

The qu-ax is heaps better. the nimbus is almost the same as yours, just a different wheelset … and seat…


qu-ax for sure. the seat it comes with is still comfey, just not quite as comfey. it as also much, much stronger. i think they are in stock at unicycle.com australia. if not, guy will be able to get one in for you.



i have the nimbus… its done me ok but im light and dont do massive drops or even big ones??

the hub is better o the qu-ax sooo id go for that 1

Just buy the Qu-ax trial uni (the one with the yellow axle)
I know somebody ho owns one.
Its a very strong and light uni.

yeh i think i will get the qu-ax thanx evry1:D

good choice

It would be a better idea to get the yellow hub qu-ax even though it might be a bit pricier because you’ll end up replacing parts for the nimbus so it’s a better deal in the long run.

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nah they dont have ny stock left at unicycle.com australia so what guy is this? :thinking: