Putting plates on without a cone wrench

So, I have these nice bedford plates. I put them on once, but they came loose. I can get them on, but they come loose. If I had a cone wrench, it wouldn’t be that hard. But, without the cone wrench is it possible? I cant seem to find anywhere with a 19mm cone wrench.

What’s a cone wrench? Hehe jks!:stuck_out_tongue: When I don’t have one available I put a wrench behind where the plate goes (closest to the spokes) and just take a wrench and screw on the nut. It works. Getting the plates even is a wee bit of a bugger though.

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I don’t have the right sized wrench to go behind the plate and the spanners I have are too big.

I have had problems keeping them tight too. I get 2 stacks of bricks about 4" apart then I put the wheel in the middle with one plate on each stack of bricks. Then I stand on them and use a normal wrench to tighten the bolts as I am standing on them. I usually tighten it with my foot to get it really tight but I manage to loosen them anyway. Maybe some loctight might help?

My way with the bricks is good because you can use all your weight to tighten them and they are always perfectly straight.

A vice works best. You can tighten it as hard as you want. You don’t, and should’nt use a cone wrench for tightening the plates. A “cone” sets the correct pressure on the bearings to keep them for seizing up or coming loose. You tighten the cones correctly, then tighten your nuts onto them.

However, it seems that when I try and tighten the the plate, the cone gets adjusted and always ends up too tight.

I’ve often just ridden with my plates loose, but this is probably not a good idea. I got a pair of large adjustable spanners, put them on both bolts simultaneously and pulled.

I needed to wiggle the plates a bit after initial tightening, to get them even. But got there in the end, and then tightened them up much more. Experience suggests that they can still get knocked loose by a few impacts when I drop the wheel, so I think Loctite might be worth trying…

For serious BC riders, you should assume you’re going to want some cone wrenches. I always had problems with mine over the years of my BC wheeling. Either problems with the bearings coming loose, or problems finding my damn Park cone wrenches. They’re around here somewhere…

The nature of BC wheels, using common “front axle” technology, leads to a tendency for things to come loose a lot. You really should have the proper tools to protect your bearings. Order the wrenches online if you can’t find them locally.

Unless your cone binds up, Its easiest to tighten cones by hand, You can fin tune it perfectly for that nice butter bearing feeling.

Eroick: The cone wont tighten when your tightening your plate as long as you dont let the plate spin whilst tightening.

But it does! I need to hold the cone still and then turn the thin nut to lock it, then put the plate on.

I had this problem on my shitty old hub I had…

have some one hold the plates in posiotion and tighin the plates down really good, thats what i have to do:D they like to twist when you fall off.:frowning:

Just hold the axle on the other side while you finger tight the bolt to the plate. Then put the plate in a vice and tighten with a wrench.

I have never had a problem with plate twisting. I think this is due to two things, My plates are steel, they dont dent in like aluminum. They are short, Less leverage.

Your MBC has clamps and gets clamped directly to a tube that acts as the axel doesn’t it? I really like that design.

Really? Wanna buy the plates, axle, and disc attatchment? All you need is a 20mm downhill wheel (if you have a downhill bike thats perfect) and you got yourself a disc bc!

No money… if I moved to a 24" it would be a Hazard Hub with a Hoggy-G tire, probably a drilled rim too.