Pure Trial Riders

Post here If you’re a Trials rider and only ride Trials!
Tell us what uni you ride to.
or your dream set up!

I am in the prosess of making a pure trials vid but I definatly wouldnt say I am a pure trials rider as I also ride street, XC/Muni and freestyle. My vid is almost done, I just need to finish editing it. It should be finished over the next few days.

Well, I’m not totaly a pure trials rider (as I can do some flips and spins) but I do have a pure trial unicycle:


Kris Holm CF seat
Qu-ax reinforced seatpost with costum paintjob
Koxx One Black Mirror double bolt clamp
Koxx One XTP raw frame
Koxx One “ISIS” hub
Sapim spokes
Koxx One "ISIS light cranks 140mm
Specialized magnesium pedals
Koxx One Black Mirror rim
Monty 2.6 Eagle Claw tire.

I love it: light and strong (except the rim, needs true-ing all the time :roll_eyes: )

Peter M

Nimbus ISIS
KH 137s.

pretty tight uni. want to upgrade to KH seat and twisted pcs.

I used to ride street and trials but i am now a pure trials rider :slight_smile: !!! I have a custom trials being delivered but i havent got it yet.Its made out of the best parts i could get on the nz udc.Some of the stuff i already have.

kh cf base
I cut some of the foam off top and the sides.
Alloy seatpost
Double bolt qu-ax clamp
Black qu-ax frame
Kh moment hub
Kh freeride 19" rim
Onza tensile cranks
Onza pedals (not sure what kind)
Creepy crawler tyre

Pure trials here, i cant do anything street. Minus the fact i can one foot ride, i only like trials. I think im good at that a bit, but aparently not to a lot of people… a new vid in good time.

quax trials/muni hub
kh fusion street saddle
nimbus II trials frame
creep crawly tire
bulletproof pedals
nimbus trials rim
torker/generic seatpost thingy i made
quick adjust clamp

I dont know, i dont care about weight of the unicycle, i dont see it as mattering for me. I mean, if you need to shave off a lot of weight to be able to jump a lot, i dont know how good you are then. You should be able to do the same in all situations. Unless the situation is rain. I hate rain.

I’m 99% trials but when I get annoyed with a line I usualy take a break to learn some freestyle or street tricks.

My trials setup is pretty primo.

KH CF seat
KH alu post
Triton frame
CF seatpost clamp
K1 hub and crank set
Animal pedals
KH rim
and I’m getting an eagle claw tire when I can find one for sale.

My pure trials vid is finished but untill I work out/someone tells me how to get it from 761MB to a reasnable size that can be uploaded no one can watch it (other than me of corse).

I ride a custom 07 KH20

MEC tyre
137 moments
cromo seatpost with extra chunky welds (after it broke)
stripped KH 07 frame
CF base
stickers :slight_smile:
da bomb-napalm bomb pedals

I’m close to a pure trials rider. I do a tiny tiny bit of street. I ride a DX…but I’m planning on getting a Nimbus X or just the normal Nimbus Trials really soon, once I earn the moneys

im a 60% trials (90% of that is natural trials) and 40% muni.

I’m obsessed with trials.

I was wondering, am I the only trials rider that still can’t ride backwards?

I just recently went to pure trials, when I got my nimbus with the 137 kh moment cranks along with kh freeride saddle and jc trail mix pedals. Trials with a slimmer saddle and lighter uni makes it so much more fun and easier. I used to ride with a torker with 125’s and it was just ridiculous, that’s why I used to ride street, but my next video will be all trials. Oh, and unibikeling, what you said about how the weight doesn’t matter, and its only an exuse, thats complete bull. As we can see from your video( I picked my scab the whole way through).

i cant either. i just havent taken the time to learn. i need to. trials are just so much fun that i dont wanna stop to learn to ride backwards.

Dude, if you wanna pick a freaking fight with me, you can, Ive got half a mind to leave. I was mainly saying that it mainly takes technique. If you really just wanna sit and argue and pick apart my vid again, i’ll sit and take it, but i seriously am thinking about leaving these forums.

I like my uni the way it is, its fine to me.



Took me like up until a couple months ago to be able to and I’ve been trying since I joined the forums.

I do a bit of everything right now, but I think I’m gonna ride more trials this summer over street and flat, cause I’m still learning and am probably gonna build a course. I like trials more than street and flat, but they’re awesome too.

I ride a KH w/ 137 cranks and will have a custom K1 with street cranks that I might use for trials in a couple months.

The weight of your uni doesnt make alot of odds, but whats wrong with making it light?

The main thing is the feel of it and if you are used to it or not.

I bet pumping your tyre right up or leting it right down would make alot more of a difference than adding 500 or 1000 grams. If you swapped unis with someone that had a heavier uni then you probably wouldnt be able to hop as high as you could on your uni but im sure if you swapped for a lighter uni you would still fall short of your max hop hight, probalby reaching around the same hight as you did on the heavier uni.

What ever the weight of your uni, you soon get used to it. The same with crank length, tyre pressure, seat hight etc. You change one (or more) of those things and it will feel different, first off your riding will probably get worse but as you get used to it it will probably get better (but not always better than before you changed it).

I’m definitly not pure trials. I do a little of everything; street, trials, muni, freestyle-ish.

But I’m hopefully planning on making an all natrual trials movie in a little while.

You definatly should, the sooner the better. I look forward to it.

Post what? This forum is for unicycling articles and tutorials. I don’t see a tutorial anywhere in this thread.

That being said, let me fix the situation. Obviously some of you don’t know how to ride backwards yet, and I find this skill to be quite a help in lining up a big rolling hop. Here’s how I learned:

Step 1) Ride forward, slow down, ride as slowly as possible. For an added challenge, try riding on a line painted on the street, or on the curb of the sidewalk. This will help your skills in riding skinnies.

Step 2) Ride forward, slow down, come to a stop but don’t take your feet off the pedals. Continue riding forward. Work on increasing the amount of time you can stop. This skill, on it’s own, is indispensable in riding trials.

Step 3) Ride forward, slow down, stop, pedal backwards 1/2 rev, stop. If you can ride forward afterwards, great. If not, don’t sweat it… just work on stopping after that 1/2 rev back.

Step 4) Same as step 3, but instead of 1/2 rev, make it a full rev.

Step 5) If you’ve made it this far, you can ride backwards. See how far you can go now!

Just for sh*ts and giggles, I take a ride around my block once in a while, backwards. You should see the looks on some people’s faces.

So if you just rode a 500km tour on a Coker, does that mean you’ve already ridden 49,500km of trials lines?