Pulling through?

So recently I have noticed that a couple of the nuts on the bottom of my seat have started pulling through my plastic KH handle. IS that bad?

wait, they started pulling through, or you tightened them that much and they ate away at the plastic (mine did that)

Put fender washers under the nuts similar to this. Problem though is that there is not a lot of room for big washers with the KH handle. So you’ll have to use tin snips to cut off part of the washers to make them fit.

Someone needs to make a reenforcment plate similar to the ones for the miyata handle for the KH handle. I would definetly buy it.

Municycle.com has a brake lever mount that will cover that. But not quite the same thing.

A specially made reinforcement plate for the KH saddles would be nice. Would solve the pull through problem and stiffen up the handle a bit as well.

Yeah, my saddle flexes too much, and I have no where near the money for a CF base. And im not sure that that brake lever thing would be worth it ifI would have to pay shipping from MDC… Thanks for the link anyway.

renegade juggling has them

O thanks!. MAybe when my KH handle snaps ill get a new one and that brake reenforcer thing

OK, so ive been thinking that instead of getting that brake reenforcer thingy, ill get a miyata when my current one breaks. I think that the miyata is a lot more customizable without going CF. I was thinking get a miyata/LX off UDC, then get a GB4 reenforcer plate for it, and also that thing that goes under the handle the reenforce it more, and it would only cost $62! Im not really concerned about comfort becuase I ride trials, but I am concerned about the handle. I have heard that it is really bad. I know of a couple alternatives but would be happy for more suggestions. I could get an expensive Kinkport which I have heard are good, but that they snap really easily. Maybe not if I have that reenforcer thingy where the handle bolts on. Also I could get a reeder, but that would not be ideal because I also do some street. As far as I know that would just leave me back with the standard miyata handle.


the miyata handle is fine, for trials you will mostly be doing sif, so it doesn’t really matter.

the kimport isnt too pricey. If you modified it like Spencer, it would work. I find the standard Miyata/ Lx handles really uncomfortable.

and they snap SUPER easy… my freind snapped 5 or so of his before he gave up on them

The kinkport or the Miyata handle snaps really easily?

the miyata.

sorry, thats on his LX … now he has a KH and can’t seem to even stress it at all

The old-school Miyata handles that were made in Japan were strong. Then Miyata moved the saddle manufacturing to China and the quality went downhill. The Chinese made Miyata bumpers use a different mold and a different plastic material. They are not nearly as strong. In fact, they rip apart quite easily. Which is why Bruce developed his Frankeyata Yoopers Fix.

The Torker LX handles are also not as strong as the original Miyata handles.

Would it be OK if I used this stiffener plate? Also, are there any downsides to this Miyata seat stiffener?

Both of those are specific for the Miyata or Torker LX seat. They won’t fit a KH style seat.

The Miyata seat stiffener works well to stop flex and seat breakage at the front of the seat. However it does not protect the back section of the seat so heavy landings on the back part of the seat can still break the plastic seat base. It’s also heavy. But it works. I have one on my Miyata seat on my freestyle uni. I used one on my muni seat (also a Miyata) before I switched to a carbon fiber seat base.

Yeah, they are specific to a Miyata/LX seat. As I posted earlier I was thinking of getting a Miyata/LX from UDC, and then a stiffener for it. I really want a CF but I have no money for it:(