alright ive been meaning to ask this question for awhile: how do i keep my testicles out of the way so they wont get smashed? ya good form on jumps or what ever but somtime you mess up on tricks and stuff but what do i do
P.S. i dont wanna wear whitey tightys

Why don’t you want to wear tighty whites? Do you think anyone really cares what underwear you wear?

If you don’t want to wear them, then wear bicycle shorts. If you’re too embarrased to wear bike shorts, then wear shorts on top of the bike shorts.

First, learn to speak English.

Then, learn to use the search feature. It really is helpful.

Using the search feature, you could find that the answer is either
A) Never ride your unicycle again, or
B) Wear bike shorts.

Check out i think there is a guide to keeping the hardy boys outta trouble.

Haha. yep, that will do it.

Boxers let everything hang down and loose, which means there is a greater chance that the seat can hit you in the crotch because it doesn’t have to go up as much to hit your testicles when you land wrong or tuck too much on a drop.

Now, for riding in general its easy to just kinda scoop things out in front as you mount, and that becomes second nature to all unicyclist, and that keeps them good for just riding.

But if your hitting them a lot from doing jumps and drops, then maybe lowering your seat more, so you have more tucking room and less chance to have the seat come up and hit you.

Or you can start doing SIF so the seat is out in front of you, and youd have to wreck pretty bad to hit your groin area.

The easiest ways are to just get better at landing gaps and drops and to wear whitey tighties or bike shorts, because those keeps everything up and out of the way.

For the wrecks where you get hit, you cant help it, sometimes those happens, just like and most sports.

Theres nothing wrong with wearing bike shorts or whitey tighties either. I dont see why anyone would have something against them.

a question:

what do you do for seat in hand ww? I keep ouching myself…

and i wasnt asking cuz i would be embarassed. i asked cuz i wanted a more comfortable solution

well, tighty whites or bike shorts are more comfortable than smashing your balls

There is a reason unicycle sounds a lot like eunuchcycle. Cut 'em off. That’s what all the best riders do.

oh ya great idea!! thanks!!

when i suggested that i was frowned upon.

That’s such a great euphanism.

maybe there’s someone out there who will suggest using duct tape…
but I’d prefer bike shorts.