Protecting the family jewels

I’m a new guy here and have just started back into unicycling after a four year break due to ankle surgeries. My question to all you with more experience concerns the family jewels. I have the problem of getting my jewels out of the way and if I don’t figure out a solution soon my family jewels will turn into gold from the weight and pressure put onto them.

So any tips, suggesting and secrets that you are willing to give up would be much appreciated by all three of us.
Thank you.

try reading through this

There are a few other threads on the topic if you bother searching around.

If what you read doesn’t help you give us some specifics of your situation and will do our best to help you.

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In two words (probably mentioned in the link above), bike shorts.

That covers a lot of it. The opposite of bike shorts would probably be boxers. You don’t want to use a standard athletic supporter, as usually they have the straps right where your weight bears down on the seat so they’re not comfortable.

Oh and if you think wearing a cup might be a good idea, you probably haven’t thought it through.

Cut them off and put them in a fire-proof safe.

Are you talking about chafing & irritation along with impact concerns? Bike shorts and “pulling it all up” prevent ballbusters, while anti-chaf cream and no underwear solve the other issues, at least for me. They say the more experience you have, the less of a problem this all becomes. I’m still waiting for that magical day.:o

Scoop them out in front when youre riding. Youre a guy, it should be immediate reaction to know to get them out of the way when there is non-sexual pressure being put down.

When jumping or taking bigger drops, suspend yourself a little. Stand up all the way or just a little bit and then lower yourself back into the seat.

I don’t remember who wrote it, but “junk to the front!”. I’m starting to use bike shorts to keep my boys up front and safe. Otherwise, I have to constantly move them, and hopefully, the shorts will help alleviate some of the chafing. I’m still a noob, so I’m still making lots of rookie mistakes.

Photos of your boys in blue

Junk, nuts, two veg, the jewels. See this related thread too. This one comes with a NC-17 rating:


I asked this question a while back and i believe Jerrick said “junk upfront”, that should be a t-shirt, its the best slogan lol. I now use it to describe how to not crush the boys when sitting to my younger cousin who just got a uni. Also if you hold the seat tight to you when you mount this avoids crushing until you get used to the wonderful seat design unicycles have. Good luck!