protecting the bumpers from seat drags

today while out on a ride with one of my friends i was riding seat in back and accidentally dropped the seat and to my amazement i kept going. i made it like 3 revolutions beore falling. i then remounted and tried to seat drag on purpose and made it almost 15 revolutions. now that i’m getting pretty good at this i want to know of a good way to add a litte extra protection to the bumper on the back? i was thinking rolled up sock and duct tape but that’s just me. also i can only seem to seat drag with the seat in the back, if i try it in the front i fall almost instantly, any tips? and lastly, what’s the best way to pick the seat back up from the drag in the back.

Thats what the bumper is there for! That is kind of like putting a helmet on your helmet in case it gets scratched when you fall.

yea i get that but the bumpers on the white widow aren’t very thick and i’m worried that they’re gonna get worn down really quickly and then start tearing up the seat itself, so i figure i’ll try to prevent the problem.

You’ve got a beautiful white widow and you want to duct tape a sock to it?! O.o

It’s entirely my personal opinion but that would totally ruin the beauty of your uni, just replace it when it gets worn out.

You’d have to ride damn far to cause any significant damage. Just ride it as is. It’ll be fine and if you do wear it down, order a $5 replacement.

ok so what about my other questions?

  1. doing the seat drag with the seat in front? im fine in the back but i fall like instantly in front
  2. any tips on picking the seat up without losing control?

I’m actually better with it in front than in back…I think it’s probably just psychological. Try to keep even weight on both of the pedals, keep your pedal strokes even like always…yeah. And keep pedaling rather fast.
As for picking it up…try to do it smoothly without very much movement that will throw you off balance. Stop really quickly, reach down with just your arm, pick it up and keep pedaling.
Of course I’ve only picked it up successfully about once…so don’t take my word for it (:

hehehe! buddy was goin to tape dudewithasock to his bumper!!!

I can understand not wanting a scratched-up bumper. Lots of the people who post here are constantly beating up their unicycles outside, but if you ride in a gym, for example, your bumpers can look nice for a lot longer. What you want is to attach something hard for outdoor riding, like another piece of plastic. If you’re riding indoors then the sock would work.

Seat drag in front? Oddly enough, people who learn it indoors seem to like the seat in front better until they get comfortable doing it both ways. Once people are solid at it they seem to prefer the seat dragging in back. In other words, I think it’s all in your mind. Either that or you’re doing it on extremely rough ground and the seat is catching on the terrain? :slight_smile:

For picking the seat up, you need extra smooth control because you’re going to bend down and not be as “tall,” so you don’t have as much to balance with. You can practice pretending to reach down and pick it up, just to get better at the bent-down position. Also with the seat in back, you can pick up your frame with your heel. As the pedal is coming up in the rear, twist your foot so your heel is sticking way to the inside. Unless you have a really heavy frame you should be able to bring it up as you pedal, and catch the seat in your hand when it comes up. To an audience it looks like magic!

lol i recently started seat drags… i think its psycological too, i get scared if the seat is in the back.

Not sure how many revolutions but i’ve gona quite far down my street its quite good fun.

And as for the bumper… well… its a bumper… lol but i guess another piece of plastic stuck on top could only do some good to it.

I couldn’t do seat drags to save my life but I could do a seat push in my sleep, its weird… I also think protecting your bumper is kinda stupid, though I have broken a bumper whilst doing a seat push…but thats what it is for:D

i dont do seat drags simply because i want to protect my miyata saddle (even though i recently got a brand new spare one).

Hopefully soon ill be starting to do some gym riding

Dallas miller does it by taking a foot of the pedal and picking the seat up with it. It looks really cool.

yes, you owe me a seat bumper for that.

Ill give you $8 for it

plus postage !

You should tell him to pay $8 + GST + postage and handling. hahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i do seat drags better in front because then you can lean WAY over and drop the seat then is it is easy to pick it back up.

  1. It’s in your head, but practis SIF and hold the seat further and further in front of you until your holding it w/ one finger, then drop it.

  2. To sum it up:
    A)practice squating down, then squat down grab the fram and pull the seat back up.
    B) kick it back up w/ your heel as it comes around.
    C) put one foot on the crank (or leave it on the pedal) and take the other foot off and kick up the frame w/ your toes to the outside or underneath you (as in Universe II).

the $8 already includes GST im pretty sure. postage and handling wont be very much…so ~$11 maybe