Yo, like many other riders I want to know about many other riders. So maybe this thread can help. Post your profile here if you’d like please.

Shaun Johanneson
Age: 17
DoB: March 27, 1988
Left Handed unicyclist
Left footed back
Spin Counterclockwise
Unispin Clockwise
Grind to my right (foot forward)
Riding street since August 2004

Yeah that’s it, post your stuff here too. I’m interested in the differences of riders. thanks

-Shaun Johanneson

My old Profile. :slight_smile:


Brett Buchea
Age: 19
DoB: September 25, 1985
Right Handed unicyclist
Right footed
Spin Counterclockwise
Unispin Clockwise
Grind on my right (forward and back)
Riding since Christmas 2004

Five guesses how I got my uni ^^ It probably sounds weird a eighteen year old getting a uni for christmass, but if you knew me i’d make sence ^^

Michael Atkinson
Age: (2(6!)+160)/((9!/36-80)/100)
DoB: December 3, 1988
Right handed unicyclist
Left handed person
Left footed back
Spin Counterclockwise
Unispin Clockwise
pedal grab and grind to the left side

got my first uni Christmas 2002, learned to ride it around February/March 2003, started riding trials/street summer of 2003.

Andrew Carter
Age: 19
DoB: Feb 19, 1986
Left handed
Left foot forward
Spin anti-clockwise
Unispin anti-clockwise
Hop mostly seat in
Riding (trials and muni) since 2nd of May, 2002

Eric Pearson
Age: 16
DoB: July 18, 1989
Right Handed
Right foot forward
Spin clockwise
Unispin clockwise
Hop mostly seat out
Riding since August, 2001
Rides Muni, because he’s a pimp.

Kevin O’Brien
Age: 19
DoB: May 30, 1986
Right Handed unicyclist
Left footed back
Spin Counterclockwise
Unispin Counterclockwise
Grind, pedalgrab, hop to my left (foot back)
Riding everything since August 2002

My new profile:

John Childs
Age: more than 30
DoB: Thursday, July 13th
Right Handed unicyclist
Right foot back
Jump to the left
Spin better Counterclockwise (freestyle spin)
I don’t do unispins
I don’t do aerial spins (jumping off things and spinning around) though I suppose I could try it
I don’t grind
Can play a level 5 on TV
Riding since January 1980, Riding muni since 1997

I learned to ride in 1980 but didn’t learn to do anything more than just mount, ride around, and idle. I didn’t ride much back then other than to goof around.
Got a Pashley MUni in 1997 and from there got much more interested in unicycling again. Started learning more skills. It takes more time to learn riding skills when you’re over 30. Enjoy the quick learning progression while you’re young cause it won’t last forever. :slight_smile:
Mostly I enjoy muni and climbing and then riding back down on a bumpy trail.

Thomas Horton
Age: 26
DoB: December 31, 1978
Right handed person but left handed unicyclist
right foot forward
Jump to the right
Spin Clockwise
Don’t Unispin (but if i could i reckon i’d go Clockwise)
Grind to my right (right foot forward)
pedal grab on right pedal

Ride trials/street, muni, coker.
Presently loving the coker the most.
Scared of muni as I recently broke my collar-bone - easing myself back into trials/street.

currently learning wheelwalk with hope of progressing to gliding.

Riding since march 2004

loving every minute of it.


Richard Lewis
Age: 19
DoB: 12th September 1985
Right Handed Unicyclist
Right foot back
Jump to the right
Hop-twist anti-clockwise
Learning to unispin anti-clockwise
Aerial spins anti-clockwise
Grind, Pedal & Crank grab to the right.
Hold Saddle with Left Hand
Mainly hop seat in.

Riding since Sept 2002, Riding Muni Since Nov 2003, Riding Trials Since Autumn 2004.


Dirk Booy
Age: 19
DoB: 21st june 1986
Right Handed Unicyclist
Right foot back
Jump err… generally off :stuck_out_tongue:
Hold Saddle with Left Hand

riding since the start of july (this year) can almost turn fluidly.

am currnetly learning to idle and hop (got two week before uni starts again)
can’t wait til i’m good enough to do some Muni

Age: 13
DoB: 20/02/92
Right handed
Right footed
Spin anticlockwise
unispin clockwise
Riding about 1 year nd 2 month

Jonathan Miersma
Age: 16
DoB September 23, 1988
Main Unicycle: 24" Nimbus II
Right Handed
Hops left foot back
Side hops to the right
Right footed
Sideways wheel walks to the left
Coasts with right leg extended
Spins both directions, pirouettes clockwise
Unispin Couterclockwise
Riding since October, 2003
Seriously riding freestyle since June, 2004
Officially level 7

I love learning new freestyle tricks. I’m currently working hard at perfecting that transition to stand-up glide. I’d like to pass level 10 someday, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to learn the backward pirouette.

Julien Renaud
Age: 15
DoB April 21, 1990
Left handed for seat in
Right handed for seat out
Hop to the left
Grind to the left
Left foot forward
Unispin anti-clockwise (trying)
Ride urban trial and street

Kyle DeMilner
Age: 22
DOB: Dec. 16th
Left Handed
Left foot Back
Hop to the left
everything is to the left or counterclockwise
Main Uni: Onza Trials

Tyler C.
Age: less than 18
DoB: Monday, October 11th
Right handed unicyclist
Right foot used to push on 1 ft ww and 1 ft riding/idling
Prefer seat on left side when seat on side riding/idling
Spin better counterclockwise
I don’t do unispins
I don’t do aerial spins (jumping off things and spinning around)
I don’t grind
Can play a level 5 on TV
Riding since 2003

Tomas H
Age: 17
DoB: December 24th 1987
Right handed
Right footed
Knee injuried for life
Clockwise spin
Clockwise unispin (can only go to hop on wheel but anyway :slight_smile:
Recently passed level 5, and broke my seatpost…
Main unicycles: 20" freestyle and 24" onza, and my 29er instead of a b*ke.
Freestyle - Street - Trial - Muni… and some road :smiley:

Working on SOIF/SOIB backwards, getting back to the pedals after hop on wheel, and my Ultimate Wheel for the seatdrags to come! :slight_smile:

Joe Burzynski
Age: 17
DoB: July 6, 1988
Right handed
Right footed
Clockwise spin
Clockwise unispin to cranks
Biggest drop: 1m-1.5m
Unicycles: 20" Torker LX and 24" Torker CX (eww)

Street/Trial since last year when I saw some awesome unicycling videos and knew I had to learn how to ride.

Age: 15
DoB: July 25, 1990
Right Handed unicyclist
Left footed back
Spin Counterclockwise
Unispin Clockwise
Grind to my left (back foot)
Riding since january of '04
Doing anything besides just riding around since June of '04
BC wheelin since August of '04
Main unis: KH/Bedford trials, Bedford BC
All of my unis: KH/ Bedford trials, Bedford bc, torker giraffe, custom 16", 12" sun & '05 KH freeride muni
Coming soon: Bedford Trials BC

Stephen M.
Age: approximately 13
DoB: Sept. 16, 1991
Ambidextrous unicyclist
Right foot forward
Unispin to the left
Spin anti-clockwise
grind to the right (foot foward)
Been riding since Chanukah of 2004 (though not Jewish)

Ride mostly trials and freestyle, but enjoy b.c.
I don’t mind falling on my face, as long as I do it unicycling.:smiley: