Alex May
age: 18
DoB: 5th July 1987
right handed
right foot forward
spins clockwise
grinds with the right foot (forward)
level 3-4ish
riding since early 2004
I mainly do trials, can sidehop up 3 crates without pedalgrab
but also love muni
Unis: 24"ammaco/koxx mix and a KOXX Devil 20"
can ride backwards fluently
can north shore wood 2x the tyre width so far…

Jeff L.
age: 13
DOB: October 4, 1991
Right handed unicyclist
Right foot forward
Hop to the right and left
Unispin counterclockwise
Spin (in the air) both ways
Spin on ground (counterwise)
Grind on right side (right foot forward)
Unicycles: 20" onza trials, 20" generic unicycle

Started riding October 2004, but only learned to ride forward. Started riding again May 2005 and got into trials, freestyle and street. So ive been actually riding for around 3-4 months.

Greg Cravens
age: 40
DOB: July 1965
Right handed unicyclist
Left foot forward
Spin on ground (counterwise)

Unicycle: 28" FrankenMuni

Started riding April 2003, after briefly riding as a kid too many years ago to remember. Got hooked on MUni and all other skills have therefore suffered. I wasn’t gonna post to this thread, but I liked being the oldest admitted soul on here so far.

Ride Faster! Grandpa’s coming up behind!

ooh, you just beat me.

Cathy Wood
age: 39 (40 in November)
Right handed unicyclist
Left foot forward.
Can do some hops, some idling (right foot much better but getting it with my left now), that’s about it.

Unis: 20" nimbus 2 freestyle, 24" nimbus 2 freestyle, 24" onza muni, 29" nimbus.

I started riding in January. I enjoy the freestyle, Muni and distance riding. There’s such a variety of stuff to do and a wealth of stuff to learn. I love it. It is slower to learn when your older, but there’s no hurry. I’ve got a fair few years left in me yet.


Walt Rinehart
Age: 20
Left-foot back
Counter-clockwise spins
Clockwise unispins

I ride a KH 2004.

I ride street. UT campus is my playground.

Age: 20
DoB: Janauary 8, 1985
Left handed unicylist
Left foot back
Riding since June 3, 2005 (felt like learning something new over the summer)
A hair away from level 3 and planning to get into street with Purdue University as my playground

Sorry Greg, but I had to do it:

Kenny Munn
Age: 52
Left handed unicyclist
Left foot forward
Hop to the right
Muni is my main interest
Been riding a little over 2 years
KK Custom frame Coker
KK Custom frame 24x3 MUni
SH Custom frame 24x3 MUni
Sun 28 (soon to have KK frame)
POS 24 junk uni

Keaton Miller

Left handed

I’m a vegetarian

Alex Toms

age: 19
born: 29/5/1986
Street unistylist
grind: both sides now (strong left foot back)
unispins: yeah i can do them
favourite trick: unispin
resides: sydney australia
goals: getting over to the states
unis: 2, muni, street.
hair colour: orange
eye colour: green
height: 6’2
weight: 170lbs
a.k.a tomsey
married: no
defacto: none
favourite food: pasta
current education: studying university (fine arts)
current employment: nightfill woolworths
sponsors: 5
demos: 2
unicycling videos owned: 3
favourite celebrity: brad pitt
current emotional status: contempt
favorite sport: basketball
favourite basketballer: amare stuoddemire and tim duncan
childhood ambition: to be a fireman
addictions: unicycling, porn, alcohol, laziness
msn contacts: 61
organ donor: no (except for right hand)
profile entires: 32