Probably been asked a fillion times....

…but does anyone have any advice on what size shin guards to get??

I’m about 6 foot, 150 pounds… and not fat, and I’m gonna order the Roach strap on leg armor (not the DH) today, so even if this is the wrong forum, it would still be great to have some suggestions soon.

My best guess is to get a medium because I keep thinkin the large is for a little heavier people, and not taller. Can anyone help me out??

i’m about the same size, but an inch taller

i got the XL roach Rally FR because they’re nice and long, and the straps aren’t too big for my normal (not fat) legs

at worst, if you find the straps too big, you could sew them shorter

I don’t know about that man, I guess it makes me want the large’s more, but these are catalog ordered, non-refundable…

unless there’s alot of other people who do that, then I don’t think I could go with the XL’s

go w/ the L, i’m sure you’ll be happy

I’ll say! That’s perfect Lazer Sailboat racing size…:wink:

Not five fillion, not even one million. Actually your question was fairly fresh! Sorry I don’t have a useful answer tho.

Subject ine police are being suppressed…

I’m 5’8" 150 lbs and I have the Roach RH mediums. I would say that you should get the larges. I think that the only real difference is the length of the straps.