Pro-tec "The Ace" Skate Helmet

Here it is.

This is a really great helmet. It is lightweight, and it looks awesome. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. I’d venture to say it was even lighter than my old bike helmet. I have definitly given up some coolness, but it doesn’t really bother me.

Well, I got the helmet for christmas because my old bike helmet was starting to disintegrate. That was really weird, but it was about 2 years old. Anyway, I went to a BMX/skate shop near me and used the gift certificate I got to buy it. There was a really good selection of colors, and I like how the color of the actual helmet matches well with the color of the straps.

The helmet is a bit pricey, but very well worth it, and I didn’t have to worry about that. It also has this thing called SXP technology, which means that it is a multi-impact helmet, and it doesn’t affect the safety of the helmet after the first and second impacts. It says you should replace it after the 3rd or 4th impact though. A very good deal, because if you hit a bike helmet, it is very unsafe to keep riding it. The way this technology works is the foam is made of a springy kind of material, which is hard, but if there is a hard impact it absorbs the impact and the hard foam compresses. Then after impact it un-compresses (is that even a word?) and is the exact same as before. This is different from bike helmets because those stay compressed, and become denser, and denser after repeated impacts. This causes them to weaken and fail.

I knew it would be a bit hotter than a bike helmet, just like all skate helmets. What I found was that it isn’t that much hotter. If you go out and ride for more than 2 hours strait, then your head feels like it will boil, but this can be solved by taking a 10 minute break, which you will probably need after 2 hours strait anyway.

Wow, this is a really good helmet. For all you people out there that don’t use helmets, use one. It won’t make you look like you have a big head, these helmets look really good. This is a seriously good deal for such an awesome helmet. Hope I could help someone with this.

I have never really looked that deep into helmets before.

hey! I used to have that helmet. I agree it is a very nice helmet. then I out grew it (I have a fat head), now I have the 661 mulet helmet. but I like the protec better for sure.

i have that in blue and yello

i havea cheap decathlon Fitness 300 helmet… its amazing cause it cost me 15 euros… or a tenner… pretty good deal I think :smiley:

all these expensive helmets, i’m not sure they really are worth it. My helmet is really light, looks ok, and well its good :smiley:

Trust me, it’s well worth it.

ProTec makes nice, affordable helmets. If it fits your head… wear it.

has anyone ever actaully hit their head unicycling?

I’ve seen like one bail where the guy did a face plant, but he was jumping from a rail to a rail and happened to hit his head on another rail. Seems pretty unlikely that you’re going to hurt head jumping on palettes or doing gaps.

I have…

i saw amanda break the visor on her helmet :smiley: THAT was funny :smiley: I mean i was really worried for her… :stuck_out_tongue:

On the subject of the SXP technology is that anything like the foam/rubber material that is plyable and squishy untill it subject to force, then its molocules will lock together and go rigid untill the force is resides? In turn making it able to be moulded softly in ones hand, yet if rolled into a ball, placed on the table and whacked with a hammer, it will remain a ball.

I seem to remember playing with this in Sience a few years ago, only because we all got hammers to use in class!

Nope, but that stuff sounds like fun! What it is, is the foam rubber stuff used in helmets, but a special chemical thing makes it like a sponge. If whacked like in a crash scenario, it will compress just on impact, then spring back out again.

ive broken a visor and smashed the back of my helmet in the same crash :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :astonished:


I guess another scenario for head whacking would be 180s down sets.

I have the “skate” version of this Ace helmet (if there’s a difference between skate and bike versions, I don’t know what it is) that I wear when I go to skateparks (not with a uni, but with my skateboard–only skateboards and skates allowed). It’s pretty comfortable, but hot (I live where summer temps go into the 110s F sometimes, so heat issues matter). When that one needs replacing, I’ll be looking at one by S-One, a company that makes a soft-foam helmet. It doesn’t meet US CSPC standards or something, but those standards aren’t designed around the kinds of falls that skaters typically take. Anyway, their helmets are wicked comfortable and around the same price as a Pro-Tec (US$30 or so).

i hit my head a couple of times on while on (or off!) my uni. Have you ever had one of those falls when your front foot slips forward off the pedal and the uni rolls forward, essentially ‘tackling’ you from your feet? Its happened to me and i fell back hit my elbows, then my head/ helmet on the concrete floor.

i got one pro-tec ace but on the sk8 version too
he is great… nice look , nice protection

I use a Bell BMX Nyquist model; works great, but does get a little warm after a hard workout (even in winter). It is CPSC certified.

EVERYONE has been tackled by their uni

and yes i hopped onto a bench and the wheel only got on halfway. so it slipped out from under me leaving me to faceplant on the ground. helmet saved my noggin.

I’ve never actually hit my head unicycling but I’ve been hit in the head by a unicycle. It was hanging in the garage and I walked straight into it and bumped my head. I still normally wear a helmet anyway.