ok guys and girls this thread is for, AND only for those bitter, wobberly liped riders who for reasons beyond thire controle will not be attending BCU.
So, if you fall into this catogary by all means read on but if not please could you kindly take yourself, uni and BCU ticket somewere else.

seriossly if u carry on and your not supposed to your ticket will burn up in the draw you’ve stashed it in.

last chance

Wecome all non BCU ers to the one and only sanctuary from that place

Anyhow so i thought all those people like myself could talk about all the other fabulous things they are doing instead of heading off to that place.

I was thinking that maybe id invent an new type of unicycle weel that could role over the BCU convetion hall whilst picking out 6 lucky numbers that could leave me swimming in uni’s then unicyling off to bed in never never land.

PS, this especially applyes to any and all of those damm yanks (or any other forigner) who are coming over just for that thing

PPS, sorry bout the spellin i was getiin progressivly madder and ****** off that i cunt type good.

whast bcu? yea, im a yank, deal with it

You could come over here and go to NAUCC. We don’t care how you spell it. I bet you’d love that!