Pot and Unicycling

I dont know about you guys, but a nice trials session and a blunt go hand in hand for me. Same with a nice long distance ride with a few splifs in my saddle bag. I’m thinking some of the types of people that are attracted to unicycling may also be the type of people who like to indulge. you guys?

im the opposite.

fair enough, you mean you don’t smoke at all, or you think it just doesn’t go with uniing?

I’ve never tried riding while high, I don’t really think it’d go that well though.
There was a pretty long thread about marijuana use in JC earlier, and it addressed unicycling a bit…I’ll try to find it.
I found two!

With a name like James Potter? Give me a break.

Just because I freebase blow and crank skag before I ride doesn’t entitle me to pollute RSU with a topic that is really drug related rather than unicycling related. Again, just like the unicycle for Christ threads, put 'em in Just Conversation.

One or the other. Both together don’t work out. But each on their own works fine. Or a smoke and a unicycling dvd is a good combo.


I’m not into that. I’ve never smoked anything in my life and I don’t see that changing. There’s certainly nothing wrong smoking, I just don’t like it.

I must admit however that I am guilty of riding my unicycle to the bar and throwing a few back every now and then. Last time that I went there, an old guy that knows my dad picked on me at the bar when I was just about to leave. He threatedned to take the keys to my uni and told me I shouldn’t drink and ride. In all honesty though the ride isn’t any more difficult (or interesting) with a little alcohol in me. As long as I can still walk I can still ride.


For your own safety, be aware that in many bicycle fatalities, the bike rider had alcohol in her system.

Too many people who have lost their driver’s license due to alcohol violations take up bicycling, and keep drinking, and it IS a problem.

It would really be a stain on the sport of unicycling if you were found to be injured with a blood alcohol level.

And it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?


I ride better drunk for some reason… I guess it’s because I don’t care if I get hurt when I’m drunk, so I try bigger things.

I am also the part of the no illegal drugs group. As well as a non-smoker.

I rarely drink though. Maybe 2-3 times a year.

Ok i’ve never tried it, and don’t really want to…

but I never saw the attraction of smoking something illegal when you can just drink something that is legal; ie alcohol, and get a similar effect.

or is Canabis not illegal in the USA?

It is for the most part.


for those who dont know what that is… it means straight edge.

i dont smoke drink, or do anything of the sort. i never have, and never plan to, although i am NOT AGAINST drinking, i just dont think that it is worth it to me.

I can honestly say that alcohol is the best, makes me feel good for a while, stress free and happy. You need to try it :stuck_out_tongue:

What sort of effects does pot have?

For me happy, tired and giggly.

Depends what you drink…

Mix bad things like… Energy Drinks and Vodka… you will get very harsh memory loss. I have experience with this. I was apparently telling everyone not to drink Bawls and Vodka, over and over… like every couple minutes… I will never mix that again, ever. After my first drink of that, I can’t remember what happened aside from puking it up a few hours after drinking it, and then I only remember that I was beside a bucket of my puke.

The attraction is that the effect is completely different, and some would say better, though it depends on frequency of use I’d say.


i dont want the things that could possibly go wrong, go wrong. i fell stress free and happy when i meet a goal or something like that. as i said, im Not AGAINST drinkin, i just dont want to myself. plus ive sipped alchohal, and it tastes nasty, to me anyway.

I’ve drank and smoked, neither can beat the high you get from a fast Coker MUni ride.

i have never big wheeled it, what about nailing a sweet trials line w/ big gaps, smooth, and no pre-hops? thats my high!

Redbull and vodka…thats swollen members fa sho.