Pot and Unicycling


Riding trials high is awful. I can concentrate. I just go in a corner and eat and sleep:) .

Since this is RSU (Rec Stoned Unicycling) please keep the conversation limited to unicycling while stoned. All this other conversation regarding pot & alcohol, whether you partake or not, etc. belongs in JC. There’s a resurrected thread waiting for you there.

Remember this is a public internet site, not a private conversation between friends. Do try to keep your identities anonymous, you’d hate for these conversations to affect you future college and employment opportunities.

I’d rather stay sober and enjoy unicycling without the exra help in having a good time. Don’t want it; don’t need it.

That’s right kids, listen to Grandpa. You may think it’s all cool 'n social 'n sh!t to talk about this stuff in RSU, but trust me The Man is watching, and if He isn’t watching right now, He knows how to do an internet search on the name you give Him in your job app, and you’d be amazed at the places a few clicks can take Him from there. Maybe your next McBoss won’t take the trouble, but somewhere down the road–when there’s real money on the line–they will take the trouble to check. Sure that may be a few years from now, but as we see so frequently here, the old posts never really die.

it’s a band. and they always talk about that.

it one of thise things where i say something that only i understand, and people look at me in a confused way. it happens a lot

you speak my mind my friend.
i started smoking like a week after i learned how to unicycle.
so they are pretty much one in the same for me.
ok that’s not true, but i like them both very much.

nothing really beats a blunt after a long day of riding.
except maybe a water bong…



The youth of our nation is addicted to symbols. We need to transcend the symbols and keep in mind what they symbolize.

Someone give me a quote by Noam Chomsky or Sun Tzu…

I smoke weed now and then, I’ve never bothered to ride anything challenging while high, although I have ridden down my road (I live down a track…not putting anyone in danger) a few times while high and it just doesn’t compare to riding a bike while high.

Then again, I don’t ride with anyone else who smokes pot and I refuse to smoke the stuff on my own.

I have seen this out in the world, in many offers for drugs when I’ve unicycled in urban areas. On the one hand, I get the association in terms of “alternative” activities. On the other hand, the association doesn’t make sense because unicycling is a difficult athletic activity that takes concentration and effort. In that sense, it’s very anti-drugs.

Unicycling is my drug; I don’t need any others. Not to feel cool, and not to feel better.

I challenge you (or anyone else) to prove this in any meaningful way. The effects of alcohol on the system are well known and well-documented. Even a little bit starts to make you sloppy. Going bigger may work for hitting desired tricks, but the associated lessening of fear is exactly what kills people with drunk drivers on the roads.

I’m not real clear on the distinction between cannabis and marijuana. Marijuana is very much not legal federally. However it is legal for medical purposes in the state of California. This creates lots of problems when you have a conflict between the state and federal laws like this, which often ends in the sellers of medical marijuana being arrested and charged…

perfectly said!

and sorry to keep posting in this while it is in RSU

In most colloquial uses, cannabis = marijuana. But to be more specific, cannabis is the shortened scientific name (cannabis sativa) for the plant from which marijuana comes.

You can buy the Vodka, I’ll buy the orange juice.

Screwdrivers are my drink of choice.

As you know, I can’t buy alcohol yet.

Though, oddly enough, this thread makes me recall the Olympic Snowboarders who gave marijuana the reputation of a “performance enhancing” drug.

Ever played Amped 3?

for me depends a lot

if iam focusing my training for new tricks and things that i need more creativity i usually ride really high.

but when my training will take more of my body i like to be clean

And there was that Olympic skier who only skied drunk…the guy whose ski broke in the middle of the race and he finished on only one ski, who was that guy?

body miller…?


wait no maybe it’s not…

Hope no one saw my post, now deleted upon 2nd thought.

Someone kill this thread!