post your homemade handlebars here!

Do you have a link?

I’ve put the link in previous comment.

They even have the Huni-Rex. Funny.

I think they are a retailer carring their own and other brands. I guess they have the nimbus from unicycle.com_China and huni-rex from Norbert.

A guy from china showed me that a couple month ago and ask me, if he may help me to something against them (to copy the ursli bar). I don’t care…

Unless you have a patent (which would probably not be granted in this case anyway), or they are using anything trademarked in their marketing, there are virtually no legal options anyway.
It might be slightly poor taste to sell a pretty direct copy of a unique design in a small market, but it’s not really illegal (for pretty good reasons).

If I want to buy that bar design, I’ll buy it from you and I’ll recommend buying it from you to anyone else, but on the other hand, I can’t blame someone on the other side of the planet from you saying “hey that is a good design, we should offer those too” much either.


Ah, yes…

I feel U-shaped handle bar is more like a category of handle, just like plastic handle is another category. The length, the size, the curve, the shape, and the way they are fixed onto the saddle make different designs. I think the brands making saddles with plastic handles are more like followers than copycats. For another example, I wouldn’t simply call recent muti-hole cranks copies of the first multi-hole cranks invented. But, of course, the first person who designed the new things is a pioneer.


cockbar - what a name :rofl:

I have some knowledge of these handlebars. They are made by the said Chinese brand Morality, which makes relatively advanced unicycles and parts. If we don’t judge morally :wink: , I think their products are decent. Historically they carry UDC products too, but now primarily their own products. They might also have/had some kind of relationship with Koxx One because some of their products still use K1 parts.

I have one of these handlebars (see here). It’s a bit too long to me but overall it’s pretty well made. I didn’t have a chance to try an Ursli bar so I can’t say much about it, but their resemblance is obvious.

BTW I’ve seen a few Aliexpress links to their products, but I believe they don’t have an official Aliexpress shop (yet). There are many middleman shops on Aliexpress, and I think this is one of them. The local price is much cheaper.

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Also as I looked into the Ursli bar today, while undoubtedly the Morality one is a copycat, it did make some improvement by adding a stiffener plate between the seat/front bumper and the handlebar. Can’t say how much difference it makes but I think it’s worth pointing out.

Getting a unicycle ready for hopefully doing some Hill climbing during travels in January. 5-10-15% grades.
I know a fat tyre is not ideal but that’s all I got at the moment.
Anyways the T Bar I got custom made by Jakob of Flansberrium. 250mm X 520mm
The attachment to seatpost is home made from a MTB handlebar stem. The angle is just right.

I can also rest my padded elbows on the handles for aero position with hands out front. Not unlike what road cyclist do.


Man you’ve got some long arms.

Unicyc arms
Found an image of Unicyc. He does indeed have long arms.


I rest my forearms on the tee in normal riding position. It’s quite comfortable cruising, allowing minimal weight on the seat.

And am trialling the end handles in helping to hill climb. Helps with the lean forwards. I found it enables a nice sustainable position on 5% hill. Might turn the handles 180° to be a bit closer for the hills over 5%.


Those look like some very short cranks!

110mm Cranks.
Shortest I can get with KH spirit with Disc.
After riding the KH36 with 110mm regularly for the last year or so, it felt more comfortable with 110mm on the KH29.

Oh looking at the photo, I see what you mean now. I probably had just mounted and my feet were not in the normal position.

Another pic of Handle Bars

I find them really effective for hill climbing.
Nice control hill Climbing 15% grade hills.

In coming travels I hope to be hill climbing (ave grade 7%) a road up to a peak in a metropolitan area (early morning) and I need the ability for good straight line hill climbing on roads without a shoulder (space for cyclists) with cars passing.
I just did some practice this past weekend on such a road with cars passing close to me.
Feeling comfortable.