Post Your GUni Here

I think it’s time for a thread to show off the many geared unicycles out there.
Right now I don’t have the time to take new pictures of my 36er but I’ll put them in here once they’re done. It just struck me that there was no post your guni thread in here yet, so I had to open it right away;)
So let’s see all your geared machines.

My ride

  • KH/schlumpf hub (new bearings)
  • Almost stock 07 KH components
  • 125-150mm moment cranks
  • CF seat base
  • Thomson seat post
  • Old chrome lollypop bearing 20" unicycle frame as handlebar
  • Magura HS33 brake.
  • Snafu pedals.

The original.


I remember seeing the blue shift years ago and really wanting it, AND I tried out the harper hub in der uber coker in NYC years ago a long time before trying a schlumpf out.

Here is my styling g36er (I am now running a T-bar and 165mm/137mm cranks instead of a GB4 and 150mm cranks):

My geared KH 36:

Custom paint job.
Custom adjustable handlebar.
Milled out KH cranks (125/150).
Magura brakes.
Wallis seat.


Sorry for the huge image!

My geared KH24 in Madagascar:

That is probably one of the most epic photos of a unicycle I have ever seen haha.

Great photo and uni. I am experimenting with trying to get dual handholds on my KH T-bar, but unfortunately most of the configurations I have tried hit my knees while I am riding (on the closer grips).

I started off with the Schlumpf hub in a 29". Cool uni and a good intro to gear shifting etc, but it didn’t suit the nearby trails - low gear too low, high gear too high and wheel/tire size not one thing or the other.

After the 29’er I ran the hub in a 36’er. With the long 165mm cranks it was an epic XC machine, two genuinely useful gears off road, lots of fun, lots of scary moments.

However after a while it became clear that I didn’t really want to get trapped into having the bulk of my off road rides determined by the uni, and around that time I sent my hub back for repair/exchange so had time to consider what to do next.

Following the 29’er and 36’er off road GUni’s I’ve ended up with a 24" GUni. It’s far and away the my favourite of the three GUni’s, and has also meant my single speed 29’er and 36’er hardly ever get ridden these days. The 24" GUni is a super versatile off road MTB, really well suited to where and how I like to ride most :stuck_out_tongue:


26" schlumpf, KH dual 125 / 150mm, large marge, gazza 3" and triton frame - i love this speedmuni machine:D

Guni one

there is a newer model 1:1.75 but i have just pics from the old 1:2.5 planet gear…
enaddi at unicon14

Here is my GUni (I haven’t received it yet but I got the picture as an appetizer from

It’s more or less a stock KH26 with the following modifications:

Schlumpf Hub
137/165 dual hole moments
some white parts instead of the standard blue and black ones
Magura HS33
Nokian Gazzaloddi

and how does it feel? without pedals:p:p:p

The pedals were too expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty difficult to ride but shifting is easy when you already stand on the buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a nice long ride with the KH36 today and took a couple of pictures with my phone. The weather was not really great for taking pictures but I think I got some good shots of my geared monster anyways:

The last one looked much better before uploading. The quality got much worse through the file size shrinking.

24’ conundrum w/maguras!


and a close up. (After a UPD) haha