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How fast does a geared 36" go in high gear?

Until now my top speed on the geared 36" has been 41km/h but others have reported slightly higher speeds (I forgot the exact numbers).

Check this thread out.


Put a hookworm on my Surly guni, its great for crusin’ on the roads but poor for anything involving hoping and droping. I was out riding and someone form the school paper took a few pictures, ended up getting on the front page!

Looks like hopping is just fine. I’d be glad if I could hop anywhere near that high.

ha, well before jumping off the table I tried to hop up onto the bench, that dident go so well, So I had to come back the next day side hop the whole table on my trials uni.

The Hookworm likes to be at about 60 psi, and when the tire is that hard you can’t get any bounce out of it (not to mention that a geared conundrum is possibly one if the heaviest unicycles you can assemble!)

Ah, I see :), nice picture anyways. I assumed you’d been hopping up there too.
I bought a hookworm too which I’m trying to sell. I just don’t like changing tires for different conditions so I rather put something serious on in the first place.

Yeah tell me about it… getting tires off the Large Marge is a huge pain.

While I’m here I might as well post my other geared KH. It is currently hubless… I also stripped the frame and the cranks will probably be changed to Nimbus Ventures. I also got a Gazzaloddi 2.6" that I’m going to check out. Looking forward to reassembling this dream of a muni.


Geared Giraffe

You lucky bastards with your schlumpf cokers…

Here’s a recent video I made with a custom built geared giraffe by Skippy (and it’s for sale). I think you rode it before, James.

Yeah, skipii’s geared giraffe was mad fun to cruise around on. Definitely harder to ride than a schlumpf. One of these days I will make a youtube account so I can upload some vids I took with it as well.

That is an awsome giraffe :smiley: EDIT: thanks for the video

Time for a little update on my geared ones:

At Last charging gears off road is fun :smiley:

Tell me about it :smiley:

Great picture!

And nice tire too! I think it has become my favorite 26er tire.

How have I never posted in this thread??

I added a speed stripe to my G29er, hopefully it’ll make me go quicker!

My ever-changing road ride has (at least temporarily) gone geared!

I’m only borrowing the wheelset right now and it’s required some fettling to get right, but I think I’ve got it all sorted now.

I thought the tyre would be horrendous on road but despite being quite loud, it’s surprisingly good; Not too skittish and it handles camber really well in high and low gear.

Made an upgrade to the G29er… Replaced the D2 rim with a Light Bicycle carbon one. They also sent me some blade-shaped spokes which I thought would make lacing a pain, but they actually made some steps easier, so now I have an aero carbon unicycle :smiley:

Very sexy!
Still no brake?

He has two brakes, one for his right foot and one for his left!