Post Your 36er Here

Nice new uni Terry! I can’t wait to see you ride muni with this beast!:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, me too! I’ll be taking her out for the “maiden voyage” this week, and I will likely shoot some footage…I’m hoping she’ll hold up on the drops!

I’m not worried about the hub as it’s plenty strong enough for that; it’s the wheel I wonder about! It’s quite a bit lighter than the air foil rim on my radial 36er, and even if the new one only tweaks a little, that will affect the brakes, which are set pretty close to the rim. We’ll see! :smiley:

Here’s my Coker

Nice uni Terry. I think it is related to mine! How do you like it compared to the coker that you RULE on? :slight_smile:

Look around at (old) wheelchairs. That’s the stuff! Wheelchair rubber comes (came?) in lengths that you would cut to size to fit your wheels. It’s held in place by a wire down the center and is a major project to mount, requiring special tools. It’s heavy and rides like crap, but you can do obstacle courses in glass if you want. :slight_smile:

Also you can spin an pirouette like crazy, which Cokers and the other 36" air tires are not very well suited for. They are much happier going straight!

Well, once we get the “bugs” out, it will be awesome! I’m getting a replacement frame this coming Monday, which should fix the “free play” issue. I did go ahead and do a semi-touring bar mod, using the existing kh bar, minus the under-seat bracket that it originally connected to.

I then attached my tandem stem I already had, to the seatpost, and inserted the kh handle into that, and used a QR clamp to hold it. It still telescopes great, and the angle is perfect for me. I would like to get rid of the excess magura tubing, so I’ll need to get a new “olive”, but I dread having to deal with that, so I’ll probably either just leave it or have my LBS do it. Speaking of that, They let me trade them my stock black pedals for the same ones in white!

I’ll explain why I made this mod in an upcoming video. Here’s a pic of both Touring and MUni mode:

36ER with Outboard Disc Brake, T7 Handle, Air Saddle, Dual Hole Square Taper cranks

36er w_square taper_disc MOD.jpg

Here is my coker, it’s all stock, I haven’t gotten to ride it much yet but hopefully now that the weather is getting better i’ll get on it more, so far it was definitely worth it.

omg O__O are you 8 ft tall?

oh yea : ) . . .

I’ve angled the bar ends back down a bit : P this was the first time I put the new seat and bars on. So the angles haven’t been tweaked.

I would like to get rid of the excess magura tubing, so I’ll need to get a new “olive”, but I dread having to deal with that, so I’ll probably either just leave it or have my LBS do it. QUOTE]

It’s really easy if you use the Magura kit, around £20 but does a load so worth the investment.

My Coker is still how it was last summer, except now I got a Speedometer on it. And the seatclamp on the handle bar is not purple anymore, it’s black. I might also change the seat for the original one and put the orange freeride on my muni, witch is orange.

ha not quite, 6’6"

oh yea, I forgot : ( I’m 5’8" . . . = short

My new toy! This is a vidcap from today’s first MUni adventure!

My new 36er

Just added a Topeak Defender fender to my 36er, had to modify the mount and the front fender portion to fit correctly, but it is working out great. Just got a pair of Venture 125’s that I haven’t put on yet, started with the 150’s.

I love the nightrider



nice, I like the roof rack idea.

My Hunter 36" from the day I won the “100 Miles of Nowhere”, Suburban Unicycle Division.

Rick Hunter 36" frame
Unicycle Factory custom extra-wide hub
Stockton wheel
Kooka quad-tapped cranks, 110/130/150/170
Wallis custom CF saddle w/ GB4/Stockton touring handle
Leftover wheel number from Bike MS Tour - #15 fundraiser out of 2,000 riders

now that’s an adjustable set of kookas!