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The black looks very evil. If Darth Vader rode a unicycle, that would be it.

Just make sure…

Hey Danechka, I’d either point your seat to the front, or flip around the seatpost clamp… Or check and make sure your cranks go on the correct sides so the pedals don’t fall off out in the woods without a crank arm tool or a pedal wrench or a brain…:o Yep been there…

I just assembled it - I thought it went either way…I guess I better check.

Hi Danechka,

So you bought the Titan frame from DavidP, and it looks like you bought the rim and tire from Coker, and now you are waiting on the cranks and pedals from Niagara Cycle. Did you already have the seat post and saddle? That saddle will probably work for short rides, but will be torture on anything long. Of all the things to make sure of on any cycle it is comfort, and the saddle is the most important comfort feature (besides being the most important protection for young boys like us ;)). Hopefully you have enough budget to buy a better saddle soon! That Coker ribbed tire looks like a nice one for distance riding - let us know how you like it once you get up and going.

Looks like a fun project. I contacted DavidP a month ago and thought about doing the same thing, but gave up on it. I am glad to see that his frame went to you :). When the Titan went on sale at UDC I finally got moving and made the purchase. It arrived this afternoon and I will post a photo tomorrow, along with a few comments about my first ride or two.

As MountainUni1 said, you will want to make sure the saddle is pointed to the front. Otherwise your pedals will be on the opposite side from where they are supposed to be and they will almost surely come loose. More than one of us has played that fun game :o. On the crank arms, there is an entire thread about how they can come loose, started by flyjeffa (he posted his BEAUTIFUL new Nightrider Impulse a few posts back on this thread). There is good information in that post about the square-taper hub and crank arms (also referred to as cotterless cranks). In short, it is good to tighten the crank arms frequently for the first several rides, then check them every once in a while after that. It is no fun if one or both get loose :(. Check the pedals occassionally too, as they can get loose, as can your saddle on the seat post. Maybe you already know all this stuff, so I will stop doling out unsolicited advise now :roll_eyes:

Nice work piecing this one together! I like the simple elegance of the Titan and the Coker Big One. Best wishes from a fellow noob on the 36er :smiley:

My X’mas gift.

Nice :slight_smile:

I turned the seat around, but since I have no crank arms, there still is no R and L. right?
Once I put the crank arms on, they will be marked R and L and things will be clear.
Damn this thing is big. I had a 29" muni and I thought that was big.
Can you still buy Roach seat covers?

That seat looks like your butt will complain soon…:smiley:
You may not notice as long as you don’t ride longer distances, but I guess that it will cause your butt to hurt after 20 minutes.

Hi Unicyclo - It looks like Hong Kong has some really nice cycling roads! Beautiful scenery too. I want to go!

Tell us more about your new 36er. It looks like a Coker with white paint?

Yes, it LOOKs like Hong Kong has some nice cycling roads. But not exactly.
The cycling road is already the best in HK I think. It is along the Tolo Harbour (and the Tolo Harbour Highway). 17km. There are also some cycling roads around the northern HK. They are expected to connect together to form a ~100km cycling roads 5 years later.

Maybe you can come after the 100km cycling road finished.

My 36er is directly from Taiwanese Factory (Taroka) with a very affordable price. I don’t know where Taroka’s unicycles are sold. Maybe Japan’s bike shops. Seat post is 22mm, thus I don’t think it is any 36er sold in Its 36er is only released for 1 month.

I just got an email from Taroka - $196 for their 36" uni !! If only I lived in Taiwan. I will see how much shipping might be.

Taroka sells the unicycles with this low price to Taiwanese individuals and schools because Taroka’s boss wants to promote this sports locally.

Flat - already!

So I received my new Titan and between Monday and Tuesday rode it for a total of about 15 minutes. Last night, Thursday, I pulled it down from the cieling hook in the garage only to find that the tire was flat. Not low, but completely flat. I inflated the tire to about 50 psi on Monday, but it looks like it may have blown the tube :thinking: . Has anyone else had this happen?

Guess I will get the fun of wrestling that lil’ ol’ tire offa that tiny rim :D. Sure glad I have Pedro tire tools - they rock. Once I figure it out on Saturday I will send an update of what I think was the root cause. But for now I just wanted to know if anyone has had the same thing happen. Thanks!

No wrestling with the tire.

Ensure that you deflate the tire as much as possible (not a problem, I guess:p).

Then squeeze the 2 sidewalls as much together as possible, everywhere around the wheel, so the tire can move on the rim. Then use your tire tools and continue to squeeze the sidewalls so that the tire can go over the rim.

Shadow handle

I got around to putting the handle on my 36er. The Nimbus Shadow bar set comes with two T-bars to give you some options when setting it up.

I left the straight bar uncut and added some Origin8 drop-bar ends to give me multiple positions when riding long distances on the road. I’ve only taken short rides around the neighborhood but this seems to work very well and feels almost like the handlebar on my road bike.

For shorter and/or rougher rides where a long handlebar isn’t wanted I cut down the curved bar and narrowed the ends of the “T” to have a close handle that allows a brake to be mounted near the saddle.

The piece of the curved bar that was cut off can also be used to mount a brake if I ever want to ride with no handle at all.




Taroka says they WILL ship their 36" unis to the USA. They want to know how many we’d want before they can quote a price with shipping, but given that the retail is $196 for each one, yall might want to consider it. Maybe somebody wants to put together a group buy??

Well, here’s mine. I built it up from scratch about a month ago.

It sucks though, because my T-bar just broke, again! It’s all good though because Kris is going to replace it free of charge. Thanks Kris!

Anyway here it is, minus the handle.

More pics to come.

I might strip the frame. Raw aluminum is way math.


Tire-Nimbus Nightrider
Tube-29er (with the help of baby powder)
Rimstrip-Chrome duct tape (Yayuh!)
Rim-Nimbus Impulse Stealth
Spokes-14ga black
Nipples-Regular ol chrome brass
Hub-KH Moment 2010
Cranks-QU-AX 125mm ISIS (Crazy light)
Seatclamp-Addict single bolt
Light-3 bucks off Dealextreme
Seatpost-Nimbus 25.4mm cromo (I’ll get the 3D forged KH when it comes out)
Saddle-KH FF 2009
Handle-Broken T-bar

Hope you like it.

Those drop bar ends look interesting, I might have to try them out when I set up my geared 36er again.

Nice! I like the rim strip - I had to back my KH rim strip with tape after it dimpled excessively (although admittedly partly my fault due to leaving the uni in the truck on a hot summmer day). I think your pure tape idea could be catchy. A stipped frame would also look really good with the silver accents on the wheel.