Post covid difficulties

After having covid in April I have been struggling to get back to a reasonable fitness level. While I didn’t have a severe case my breathing has been labored and I have been experiencing chest tightness and left arm pain. All of this concerned me enough to see my Dr. And got a clean bill of health. That being said I have been walking daily and biking some with very little unicycling, I’m really starting from scratch to build my stamina back. Anyone else experiencing similar effects from covid.

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I am dealing with COVID right now, so I should be able to provide more insight into this in the near future. I can say this. COVID hasn’t lessened my desire to ride, and I cannot wait to get back outside on the unicycle.

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I definitely have the desire and I’m working hard to get myself back into shape. I am looking forward to lots of riding this summer an my unicycles and my bike. Infact I’m planning a 4 day bike trip for Sept and I am hoping to get a acclimated to 36er riding as I have just finished refurbishing a Coker big one that I bought on trading post.
What I have been experiencing is more than just being winded from pushing your self. What I have experienced is heart attack like chest tightness and left arm pain all with minimal exertion. I had a chest x ray and and EKG scan, and I have been told everything checks out good. So I’m doing alot of walking and some biking and I am gradually gaining my stamina back and the symptoms are lessoning.

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This sucks. I’m so sorry to hear this. I do know some folks personally that haven’t fully recovered, and its been quite a while. One actually might be facing a heart transplant due to COVID. Best wishes,

Yikes and thanks . I am confident I will be just fine.

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I know. Its a close friend, and I feel terrible for them.

Best wishes to your friend, we lost a close friend to covid in January, she was a healthy 50 year old women with 3 grown children and two still in school. Very sad.

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Ooof thats terrible to hear. Thank you for the good wishes.

I’m just getting over Covid myself, although my case wasn’t nearly as bad as yours. It started out as post nasal drip that I noticed while sleeping. That went on for two days and then on the third day I felt like I had a full on head cold with a pretty nasty sore throat. The next day I felt like I had strep throat and I had a mild fever. At this point I also noticed shortness of
breath and becoming easily fatigued, although I was exerting myself at the time. That was also the day I testd positive. The next day the fever was over but I still had the very sore throat. After that I started to feel better and the main symptoms were extreme sinus and chest congestion. I didn’t have much trouble with exercise, breathlessness or fatigue, but I expelled a crazy amount of mucus for the next two weeks.

I’m finally just now feeling like I’ve gotten over it. So for me it was 3 days of feeling really awful and 3 weeks of feeling like I had a particularly nasty head cold. FWIW, I’m 53 years old and got the J&J vaccine a year ago and a Moderna booster in November.

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For me it was also like a cold. It took me 11 days to test negative, at least 6 of those days I felt non symptomatic. It’s this after effect that’s fouling me up.

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I have three Pfizer vaccines and I didn’t even think I had covid, I just thought it was a little bit of allergies, but when some family also had these ”allergies” we checked and turned out to be covid. I never really felt bad, lasted a week maybe if even that, back around January or so when the weak omicron variant was on the loose. Didn’t affect my unicycling, it was not the greatest weather to ride in but I was messing around in the driveway practicing tricks and whatnot. I wish you a full recovery.


I’m in the post-COVID club too. I have COVID in January, and ever since then things have been suboptimal.

Prior to getting it I was running, bicycling and unicycling several times a week. Since then my ability to exercise has been impaired, mainly due to ongoing breathing difficulties. Running is right out. Unicycling kind of depends (muni is ok, sustained road riding not so much). Bicycling seems to be almost unaffected.

The advice from the doctor is to basically just do what I can but be prepared for recovery to take 6+ months. There’s not much I can do other than enjoy the things that are currently possible.

Sorry to hear this, I hope you’re back to full fitness before too long.

I eventually had covid earlier this year but thankfully it was no worse than a mild bout of flu, but my wife really suffered and it took her a few months to get back to full fitness with easy regular breathing.

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COVID reached me end of March this year. It was a little bit hard but it was okay. I had problems with breathing, body aches and zero power. The most time I stayed in Bed. My body was already a bit broken before COVID. My Fitness Level wasn’t high. Heart und Lung Problems always. After COVID I don’t really start training. I ride the Unicycle but not so hard. I’m glad my body is still holding together. There are many body parts that are broken or no longer function properly, all before COVID reached me.

Fight back to your normal Fitness Level.

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I just got back from my longest ride since having covid in April,. I rode 2 miles on my 29er, in the lot where I regularly train. The first 1/2 mile was rough, so much so that I stopped and sat on my tail gate for 10 minutes contemplating if I should continue. I mustered up my courage and hopped back on, riding the other mile and a half. It got much easier as my riding evened out , it felt really good to be back on my 29er. My normal training ride is 5 miles, looking forward to building up to that over the next month, I’m very confident I will get there.


I am still struggling 4 months out from covid. I walk 2 miles daily and am riding uni 2 days a Week 2 miles at a clip and biking 5 to 10 miles once a week. While it is getting better gradually it’s been very slow coming. Am far behind my plans for the summer.

Well thats both good and bad news I guess. I am happy you are recovering. I wish it were faster for you.

My friend that I mentioned above - they got the heart transplant two weeks ago. Time will tell how that goes.

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I was an early COVIDer a long time ago: my lungs image looked like a slice of salami… (though frankly I didn’t feel that bad) It took me around 4 to 6 months to learn to breathe normally … be patient. I went through every vaccination process and didn’t got it any more (though my significant other got it twice)


I got COVID for a second time a few weeks ago. Much easier recovery this time around - I haven’t tried any long rides since, but my breathing is much easier than last time.


I had also problems with my Breathing. If you lying in the bed and you can’t move your body because all them is hurting and the must time I’ve focused on my breathing. After 1,3 hour it goes a little bit better and it was possible for me to move my body and standup. Terrible.