Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

You could leave the tyre on and unlace/relace the spokes :stuck_out_tongue:

But the rim wouldn’t be reversed.

Estetic issue it would be the reversed rim, mechanical issue it would be lacing using backward facing nipples!

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Here is my (current) favorite - a 24" QX :grinning: As I started learning earlier this year on the 20" I never really felt I was able to cover any proper distance (more than 100m) and the 29" I got soon after was a bit too scary and I had especially one nasty UPD that made me look for something in between…


It started as a bit of an experiment to see if I could build something from the ground up without breaking the bank in case I did not like the size. I’m a fairly skilled hobby bike mechanic and I have tried to replace spokes and true wheels before but I had never laced a wheel before. So this was a first…

I got the QX Frame (49€) and Qu-Ax BX-38 Rim (9€) at sale price from The Nimbus ISIS 48H Hub (7€) and a standard 24x1.75" tire (3€) I got locally from a clearance sale. Only thing I needed to buy at full price was the 48 spokes. The rest of the parts I initially borrowed from my 20" like the 125mm cranks that are still mounted.

I soon discovered that this 24" was a really comfortable size for me. Fairly easy to free mount (compare to a 29") and able to cover distance (better that a 20") and still very maneuverable (compared to 29"). And UPDs where fairly uneventful (compared to 29"). So then I started tweaking…

Tire got replaced with a “plus” size tire. Specialized Big Roller 24"x2.8" making it same size as a regular 26" tire. This made it much easier to roll up and down small kerbs (no hopping) and added some comfort. Saddle got changed from standard Qu-Ax Luxus to a Qu-Ax Eleven. That was better but not great and now it’s mounted with a more comfortable old used KH Fusion Freeride with matching colors :slight_smile: Also the pedals was changed to some that fits the color scheme. And last a Magura rim brake was mounted that I have shortened and bleed (but I have still to master using it).

And of course I’m not done. I’ve just ordered a M4O Handle Saddle M that I’m looking forward to mount sometimes next week to see if I like it…


Great build, love the colour theme.

24’s are really good for many situations and I completely agree, no issue to mount, better for any distance than a 20, and not scary if you UPD.
It looks good with that tyre and you put it together so well at pretty much the lowest possible price. Big thumbs up :+1::slight_smile:

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+1 To what @Gockie said. I was out on my 24" earlier. I do like that size. The tyre selection is more limited than 26", 27.5" and 29" but there certainly are some options.

Here is a picture of mine with a 24”x3” Felt “Thick Brick” (the brick part refers to the tread pattern, though given the size it is a fairly heavy tire :wink: )

My 24" is pretty basic with a cotterless hub and no brake, but it does have SHW 125/150 cranks, which is kind of unusual for a unicycle with this hub interface.



Such a sweet machine!

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Thanks! I think that every time i ride it :slight_smile:

So it is my birthday today. This morning this is how I found one of my unicycles (I have small kids). I resisted the urge to go outside and ride it like this… but it was hard. :rofl:


Happy Birthday Ruari!
Love the colours. Have a great day!

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Happy birthday buddy! :partying_face:

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*Forget about the name and age on the cake! :grinning:


Congrats Ruari, :birthday:
What did you get for your bday? another uni?

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I got various unicycle parts (including the M4O 36" frame and some KH spirit cranks) that my kids then wrapped up and gave to me as a “surprise”. :rofl:

Happy birthday ruari! :balloon: :uni: :partying_face:

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That cake is an absolute work of art :grinning:

Happy birthday :birthday:

My new unicycle specifically for climbing! :smiley:

Full specs:

Mad4one M frame
Mad4one XXL seat post
Mad4one handle saddle M

Light Bicycle AM930 rim
Mad4one ISIS disc hub
DT Swiss Comp spokes

Continental Speedking Racesport 29"x2.2" tire
Schwalbe Aerothan MTB 29" tube

Shimano XTR 9120 brake
Magura Storm SL.2 180 mm rotor

Mad4one Agile 110-130 cranks
DMR Vault [mg] superlight pedals

CF clamp and Ti bolts


Then why do you need a brake? :wink:

If I lived near you then I would hike to the top of the hills and collect all of the nice unicycles which can only be ridden uphill :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, it’s interesting - I started riding without a brake, but now I can’t imagine riding a unicycle without one anymore. It’s just part of it like the seat, pedals,…