poll: wanna see another internet video?

i got me a new camera and semi-fisheye lens and decided to test it out.

and i threw a few clips to some music from an hour of riding this afternoon in the new local park… just to see how it looks

is it too soon to be putting little internet videos out?

will it affect the others that have been recently posted… and more importantly my DVD?

who says i upload it?

the song has heaps and heaps of swearing in it… and the vid is about 3:44 long… if swearing gets you barred up i suggest you dont download it…

the end clip is a line we call “the canyon” it is a trials marathon

Re: poll: wanna see another internet video?

YES! I think most people here cant get enough of downloading vids. And i think its safe to assume that if you, tomsey, are putting something out, its worth watching.

As for the profanity…
Its good that you gave the warning. But thats no reason not for someone to see your vid. Theres always the mute button. :smiley:

Do it up, man!

Re: Re: poll: wanna see another internet video?

Any concerned parents could always edit out the audio and replace the music with a Britney Spears song instead. :astonished:

I will!

Do it, if anything it will act as publicity for your DVD. No one is gonna get their fix from 3.5 mins of video. Unless it sucks then you might turn people off the DVD, but I doubt it.

Do it,

noone said no… so im gonna upload it…

i hope the guys who make internet videos dont mind also

oi anyone know how i acess the free4all gallery?

its 16mb… thats cool right?

You cab upload it in my free gallery if you want.

I’m not following your train of though…

but I’m thinking it goes like this: “This video will put al other internet videos recently posted to shame”

Which is a good thing…so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be posting it…

free4all gallery is

16 MB is probably good, I don’t think the gallery will take anything bigger than 17…

just post it already lol

with all the trouble of trying to put it up in the gallery

im gonna decide against it…

although if you really do want to see it… i suggest pm me your email… and make sure you have 15mb free space…

its not super awesome… i really like it, and possibly andrew will juice himself at our natural trials spot… but other than that…

its just… an internet video.

You make it sound as if internet videos are bad.
Some people put alot of work in their internet videos. I don’t think it would be fair to say “just” and internet video.


i know you do put a lot of effort into your videos, which is great

im not trying to make out they are inferior… they just arent fully appreciated as a medium…regardless of how good the quality of the video is…

it’s true that real DVD’s and/or VHS are better than downloadable, but I for one love the online videos. I have a huge collection of them on my computer, and can watch any of them when I want to, or go find/download more, etc…

I agree with everyone here. Mpeg-4 is my hero, and if you can get it into that, you can make it nice and large with a small size. I personally have about 335 megabytes of uni movies on my computer, and I watch some of them from time to time for inspiration. You’re the man at all kinds of uniing, so you sohuld post your video. If you won’t, I’m putting in a request for it emailed to me.

mov file always works for me but i do love mpeg-4 but you cant upload that style here it doesnt work

Actually, i found a way to make a .mov with the mpeg 4 compression in final cut. so, now that’s my hero.

If anybody wants me to do that for them, I’d be glad to help out.

yea i really enjoy online videos
mainly because i’m too poor to buy any dvds

You should definitely just post it…

  • you already took the time to post a poll to find out if anyone wants to see it - everyone does!

  • you got us psyched up to see some more of your riding - though it isn’t up to the level of your professional product… nobody expects it to be!

  • the Internet video could very well motivate people to want to purchase your DVD.

  • If you do post it, you’ll probably get a decent amount of feedback, which will keep your post on the front page and will thus help keep your riding on people’s minds… promoting greater product awareness… and sales of your DVD.