Pöham feat. Hofman

Hey guys!
Thats the new video of Raphael ,Elliot and me.:slight_smile: We made it for the Wuko videocompetition . I think somebody of you have seen it before I post it here
soon on unicycle.tv


enjoy it

Sooo gooood. Man I feel old, haha.


i have seen it before but it is so cool!!
i think i was too tired on sunday because i forget most of it:p

9:55 of sheer brilliance! Well done guys, gives me something to aspire too!

I like the matresses in front of the mirrors, just in case !! Smart move.

Keep riding and leading the way for us newbs!!!

some kind of… …good! :slight_smile:

amazing. The combos were intense, your skill level is amazing.

Very entertaining, you guys are excellent. Keep it up!

:sunglasses: chapeau

Elliot has such an amazing style!!! This video really shows it.

1:54 - Seatwrap on wheel, 2:15, 4:05, 4:38 - Best Fucking combo ever!, 5:56, 6:20, 8:20, 8:53 - Bayback, 9:54

Wow. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. You guys are like some of the best riders in the world and you’re really young :astonished:

Wow the riding was crazy.
I didn’t like the editing.

INSANE!!! I love your style Elias. Elliot has gotten totally rediculous. Raphael, awesome as usual.

Some really creative things by Elliot and Elias, loved it.


Oh, and Elliot’s 720 and inwardsmallspin on wheel were nice too.
Who else can inwardsmallspin on wheel?
-Daniel adelander?

Do you guys eat some kind of magical food to make you that insane. How are you guys that good for being so young?

[QUOTE=Any Terrain;1178415]


wow. that riding was beyond sick.

seriously… you deserve a grammy or some shit… definitely a pat on the back.

haha I just realized you guys really like that Canadian rap, you got: Classified, Swollen Members, and Jordan Croucher.

i second that

i agree… a bit to much fish eye for my liking too