Pöham feat. Hofman

This video had really amazing riding. Well done.

thanks for all the comments;)

awesome video !!!
a lot of flow in it :slight_smile:
nice tricks, editing…

Epic vid.

A+ Riding, guys. You all never fail to impress me.

The editing wasn’t anything special. It didn’t really do it for me. However, it didn’t really take anything away from the overall presentation either.

I also saw it at wuko but i think i was to tired to realize that this vid is so cool:D

This is just ridicilous ^^ The riding was totally freakin awesome

Hey eli cooler flat style;)

wow this is amazing! u guys are amazing

You guys are too good.

Perfect vid. Some great stuff in their. Best vid I’ve seen in several months.

that was unreal!!!. you guys should be dodging bullets in the matrix or some shit or at least scaring old people with your skill. I’m not old and I had a heart attack, fell down and shattered my hip.

pretty good.

I switched it off after 1 minute because of all that damn flashing :angry:

that was oustandingly awesome!! crazyiest stuff in there. i could mention so many things that i loved… really liked the leg wraps on wheel and just simple things like the 360 unispin off the skinny was caught amazingly early, stuff like that put in with your amazing combo’s just puts this video in a leauge of its own.

Great work, keep it up

Good riding. Good editing. Good music. What else do you need?

first post lol

What are the song names?

1: Bittersweet Symphonie - Oasis
2: Watch This - Swollen Members
3: Heavy Artillary - Classified
4: Beatin It - Eminem
5: Up Thru There - Shop Boyz
6: Desert Eagle - Ratatat


  • Raphael

I’m pretty sure that Beatin’ It is by Classified also, not Eminem.

oh sorry that was my mistake :o

Yeah, I could’ve done without all the flashing, but nice vid anyway.

Am I the only one who wonders what kind of unicycles you were using?