Pogo The Movie

A movie of me and my friend pogo-ing.

that was horrible.

you have a squeaky voice.

I hate talking on camera, because of my voice.
And yeah… it was made as a kind of joke, because my friend really wanted to make a unicycle video but is just learning, so we decided to pogo stick.

i had this really broken one and i was doing like 360 pogospins on it
my friend broke his by going of a 5 foot jump:p
he had another one that I could jump like 3.5 feet high on too it was sweet
(edit)(he also could jump that high He also unicycles)

that was awesome!

it looked like you guys had so much fum!

Yeah, but what you couldn’t see was that there was this huge metal thing right near our knees, so I tried to do a 180 pogo-spin (nice name) and whacked my knee really hard.

PS- Its really funny how the unicyclists liked it, but the pogo-er hated it…

It makes sense. Someone that knows anything about pogo tricks might expect something other than hopping around on a few pallets. I thought it was kinda boring.

You’re better off sticking to unicycling videos.

That’s what I figured… and my knees will thank me for it!

haha, I was doing 180 pogo spins today on my pogo stick :smiley:

I can’t seem to stop spinning though : (

I have a really horrible pogo stick; it bottoms every time I hop. I can do 180 pogo spins, jump up stairs, and I think I almost did a leapfrog once, but I can’t do much else because it sucks. One of those really beeft onse that shoot you up 4 feet and people do backflips with would be cool!:smiley:

theres a backflipping video

as for spinning, theres nothing that really helps you to not do it, you just gotta practice alot.

and in pogoing, its called a barspin.

and you releasing that video is like me releasing a stupid video of me riding my unicycle and doing nothing else. stupid, right?

and my knees are messed up also. sometimes it hurts really bad to walk and run.

Yes, it would be exactly the same, then someone just like you would go and give you a comment about your stupid unicycling video. :roll_eyes:

Great vid though, looks like you were having lots of fun, and that is what matter, not about the difficulty of the tricks done.

+1 Jerrick

nice movie, looked like fun although once again i see unicyclists with no acting skills.
I wish i had a video camera.
Loved the way he ‘made’ a pogo stick, not sure on the song though, didnt quite capture the feeling. looking foreward to another.

lol it made me laugh… i want to try a pogo stick… :smiley: aint tried one fo rlike 7yrs or sommit

i liked it.

great video thumbs up

you guys are too positive.

on the xpogo forum everyone fights and argues. were just hardcore like that.


i like this place.

I wouldnt call that hardcore, sound more immature to me. =p No offense though.

Its good to be positive, it makes people feel better about themselves which makes them want to keep making movies, and keep trying their hardest to improve and have fun. Thats what is all about afterwall.

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i said hardcore to be stupid.