playing music instrument on uni

Has anyone able to do this?
I will be in a parade and someone suggest i play while on uni.
I usually play the snare drums.
Any ideas on how?

I am not skilled enough to entertain at a parade yet, but I did have fun with a ukulele in this vid.

I once played guitar on a uni a couple of years ago. It worked pretty well. A snare drum shouldn’t be too much of a problem on the uni either, I think.

I can play violin on a unicycle
a method i find is that genenerally if you can play a song with your eyes shut you can play it on a unicycle, takes about the same skill level

I’ve tried to play the trumpet on a uni (see my pic album) but never succeeded: even if I can play with one hand the mouthpiece is not sufficiently well placed. I need more coordination and soft and slow balance movements.

It’s times like this I regret choosing piano and cello.


Well, almost.

I think there is a video floating around of GILD playing “amazing grace” on the pipes whilst idleing. I can’t remember whether or not he donned his kilt.

well, if you have a saddle with a t7 handle on it you could find some way to attach the snare to the t7 that way your knees wouldn’t be constantly moving it as you pedaled. you’d just have to be real careful to not UPD so as not to screw up your drum

I can play flute, trombone, and various whistle-like instruments on my uni just about as well as I can while walking.

I used to know a guy who played his tuba while riding his unicycle. I never saw him do it but I have talked with several people who remember him. He used to do parades, parties, community events, etc.

His email address was unituber @******.com

Long ago a friend set the bar quite high for this. He is a gifted guitarist and singer so he donned an electric guitar and used a battery powered tiny Marshal half stack (amp/speaker). He confidently rode his uni and played his electric guitar as skillfully as ever. I was blown away.

I am a drummer and must say I would suggest a different instrument for this. I’ve dabbled in guitar and only have 5% of the ability doing that compared to my drumming. With that said, I’d personally think it would be easier to play guitar than a snare drum while unicycling.

With enough determination, I’m sure it could be done though. We are talking about unicycling here!:smiley:

A couple of times I’ve seen unicycling bands in Group Freestyle performances. One was a Puerto Rican group at Unicon IV (in Puerto Rico, 1988) and I think the other was at a USA convention around the same time, maybe Mobile, AL in 1989? But it was a different group. Trombone, sax, clarinet or similar, trumpet or similar, and various drums but I don’t remember the details. I’ve also seen violin played on a unicycle (Denmark, 1983) and fiddle by Kris Holm.

And I remember a guy from Detroit doing some really good sax music on the unicycle, maybe that was the one from 1989. The riding was boring, but the music coming out was great.

Couldn’t you play your cello on the move, like Apocalyptica?

Or the “piano” like Herbie Hancock:


Video, please.

Like I need an excuse to

Keytar FTW