Plastic Pedals

What, in your opinion, are the best plastic pedals and why. Also give a place to buy them if possible. Thanks.

The Odyssey Twisteds are easily one of the best plastic pedals out there: They have a nice large platform, are sufficiently grippy even when wet, they are light and importantly very durable. They hold up really well with pedal grabs and just about anything else you can throw at them. I’ve got a pair on both my muni and my trials uni. Bike shops often have them in stock as well so they aren’t too hard to find.


they are also about $11.

however, for freestyle, I prefer the torker lx pedals.

Make sure you get them in the 9/16th size though because they also make them in a 1/2" which wont fit your uni.

Yeah, I’ve heard good things about them. I think I’m going to order some soon.

what is the benefit of plastic pedals???

I like them for street. My feet come off easier when doing unispins, and I also like them better for grinding.


Lighter, slides better on some surfaces, less destructive, quieter when you drop your uni (I ride a lot at night so in some neighborhoods this is nice) and a lot less destructive on your legs if you don’t have shin/calf protection.


I left those out.

The second you grind or pedal grab with an ody plastic that side is completly ridden of its grip.

Yeah from what i’ve seen the plastic pins wear down very quickly with pedal grabbing.

They would make a nice base to make a plastic bodied, metal pinned pedal tho.


The best idea I have, is to spray paint one side of them and grind on the other… Of course the spray paint will wear off quickly, but there will be remnants of it, so that you can tell which side is non grippy easily. Anyways my pedals are metal, very slippery on the non pinned side, so same applies for plastics you just have to know which side is the good one.

But LX’s last practically forever for grinds and stuff.

Don’t ride plastics with pins. Ride plastics because you don’t need them.

Even without the pins, as far as plastic pedals go the twisteds are one of the best pedals out there. Grinding with them will definitely wear down the pins but honestly, they held up pretty well to pedal grabs.

But then you have to flip your pedals to the grippy side every time you mount. With grind plates on metal pedals, the grind plates flip to the bottom.

You are right, we do live in America. We can’t be bothered to flip over a pedal.

thats kindof what i did, just with tape.

now my left pedal has a slick side, and a grippy side.

ha that is what I did a couple weeks ago to my metal jimmy c’s it works great…