oh thanks yea i would have no idea how to spell it:D

Ha, I thought you meant pirate. :roll_eyes:

I saw the thread topic and immediately thought of Elmer Fudd saying the word “pirates”. Pirates on unicycles? Sounds interesting.

Here’s a tip on pirouettes taken from the USA Skill Levels page.

haha my bad so does any one know tips on PIROUETTES:D

Oh, and a way to do an easier form of pirouette is to do what some call lollypopping. You ride past a pole and slap the pole as you go by. That will cause you to spin. If you do it right you can end up doing a pirouette of sorts. Or you can have two riders ride towards each other. When you pass you high five each other and cause you both to lollypop spin. Just don’t high five a pirate.

yea cool i can do that:D i learned last weekend

i cant do them but i know how to do them. you have to start riding in a circle, and riding smoothly do tighter and tighter circles and finally you will get striaght and spin on the spot.

If you dont have the right uni it will be really hard. They are pretty much impossible on trials uni’s because the cranks are too long and the tyre is too grippy. I can only do them on a freestyle uni with short cranks and lots of air in the tyre.

Just ride in really tight, smooth circles and lean into the turn as much as you can.

My biggest problem is dizzyness (sp?) can anyone help?


ha ha ha pirates

ohk thanks yea i only have a trials so will be to hard but thanks anyway

Slight threadjack there, I do apologise. And Roger’s boat is called the Jolly Roger… Obviously :p.


the most important factor I’ve found whn doing it on my giraffe uni(I don’t have a freestyle) is that you have to keep pedalling.

You don’t pedal when you pirouette.

you pedal going into it.

I don’t know if the skill translates to uni, but try getting a ballet dancer to teach you about spotting - as your body turns, turn your head the other way (so you face the same way, focus on something that’s at eye height) as long as you can and then turn your head around very fast and focus on the same spot again - that’s the technique they use to 1) face the audience while pirouetting/spinning and 2) keep from getting dizzy. Damn there’s no dizzy smiley, we NEED a dizzy smiley!:frowning: :wink: :roll_eyes:

Wow, you replied fast.

I kind of thought thats what you meant.

In that case pirouettes are going to be difficult. A trials tire doesn’t like to pirouette. Too much tire traction and too big of a tire contact patch with the ground. You’ll also wear down your trials tire very quickly.

If you want to play with pirouettes or spins on a trials uni do it in the dirt rather than pavement or concrete. Find a place with slippery dusty dirt. Or find a place that has a light coating of dusty dirt or sand over concrete. You’re going to need something to reduce the friction so you can get a pirouette style spin.

This may be a dumb question, but could you pour some vegetable oil or something on a flat, smooth surface and use that to learn?

You could also spray the trials tire with silicone spray lubricant, but that would be a bit inconvenient for when you want to use the tire to do other skills where you need traction.

I’ve seen people do pseudo pirouettes on a trials uni and a muni. I say pseudo pirouettes because a true pirouette is 3+ revolutions and you aren’t going to get that on a trials or muni. Those pseudo pirouettes were done on hard dirt with a loose dusty surface.

Spinning skills in general will eat up a tire. It’s pretty easy to quickly wear down a freestyle tire doing spins on concrete or pavement. A trials tire would wear even faster.