Help With Spinning

I am unsure on how to perform a spin. If you have any details on how to help or a Video, which would be preferred, please help.

Much Appreciated,
Jas’o has videos of every freestyle skill like ever, including spins. I think has a little bit about 'em too…and als

I learned to spin by trying to satisfy the level 4 requirement for a 360 degree turn. Practice turning in really tight circles, tight enough that when you’re on a 20" with 127’s, your crank will hit the ground due to lean. Then turn even tighter!

If you manage to get your circle circumference small enough, you will move your centre of gravity, and be able to turn with much less lean. When you hit the spin, you’ll know it. If you pedal too fast, you’ll fly off! The other sites listed in the post above me are also a good place to look. Good luck with spins, they’re probably one of the most fun things I’m able to do yet :slight_smile:

Also, as a side note, high tire pressure will help with this. The tires on my unis are (over)inflated to 80psi, and the gain in control over 60 is amazing, and makes spins very easy to get into, even from a standstill. Pirouettes also become easier to to as well.

Good luck!


That has to be the best description for a spin that I’ve heard so far. Thanks for the advice!

so what exactly is the difference between a spin and a pirouette???


In a spin, the rider (the rider’s upper body at least) spins on an axis while the lower body and unicycle ride in a tight circle. In a pirouette, the rider and unicycle spin on an axis. A spin can be maintained indefinitely, but a pirouette rarely lasts more than about four revolutions. The pirouette is far more difficult.

So the level 4 360 degree turn is a super tight turn, not a spin at a total stand still? And I am having trouble spinning but can pirouette

I have been working on the level 4 360 degree turn too. Are you supposed to do a action-reaction turn or one revolution (360) of a spin? Which is easier? When i ever i try either i fall off. i have a 20" wheel with 150mm cranks i think.

The 360 degree turn on level four requires you to ride into a circle one meter in diameter, turn all the way around, and ride out the other side. It’s just a really tight turn. Action-reaction and leaning turns are both acceptable. I don’t believe anyone can pirouette, but not spin, since the pirouette is a much more difficult extension of the spin. To do a pirouette, you do a really tight, fast spin, then stop the wheel and pull your arms in so that you and the unicycle spin several times on an axis. (In theory; currently I rarely get much beyond one revolution before losing balance or momentum.)

So a action-reaction turn in a circle is one revolution of a pirouette?

In a spin you must continue pedaling.
In a pirouette you do not pedal.

In a pirouette you are literally spinning like a top in place.

You can cheat and do an easier version of a pirouette by riding up to a pole and pushing off the pole as you go by or slapping the pole as you go by to cause you to spin in a pirouette for a revolution or two. This is known as lollypopping or lollipopping.

To do a proper pirouette, as in the skill levels, you cannot push off another object to start the pirouette. You must initiate the pirouette from a spin. That is much more difficult to do. And to pass the skill level you need to do 3 complete revolutions in the pirouette. That is much more difficult to do. The vast majority of people here who say they can pirouette cannot do a proper pirouette well enough to pass the skill level.

whats the easiest way to learn to do a tight 360 degree turn for level four. I can do the 180 degree turn by doing a action reaction turn. Should i do the 360 like a spin or a action reaction turn? When i do a leaning turn my circle diameter is too big and when i do the action/reaction i always twist and then fall. Which is easier?

Combine the leaning turn with the action/reaction turn.

Lean into the turn but force the unicycle to turn sharper than it would naturally due to just the lean alone. Try to get the nose of the saddle to turn inwards throughout the entire turn.

When you get able to do a proper spin for several revolutions you’ll be able to do that type of turn with finesse alone. But for level 4 you can combine it with brute force action/reaction forcing to get the turn tight enough.

spin on a Coker?

Is it possible to spin a big wheel like a Coker?
I tried tightening my turns for fun but did not realized I was really attempting to spin on my Coker.
More practice I guess.

I’ve done spins on a 29’er. Since I wasn’t used to it, it was scary, but I’ll go ahead and say you can do them on a Coker. We’ll find out this winter when I get mine :D:D

Re: spin on a Coker?

Yes, but it can be really hard on the tire on outdoor surfaces. If you have access to a nice gym floor or kitchen, this is much better for your tire.

Due to their fat tires, Cokers are pretty turn-resistant. They are much better suited to long, straight rides. Since I have both a Coker and a big wheel with a hard wheelchair tire, the big wheel is many times easier to turn and spin on. It’s my favored ride for parades. Spins and pirouettes are much easier, with less wear & tear on the tire.

For more details about the nature of spins, pirouettes and other tricks found on the Standard Skill List, read the rules (links below).

For skate4flip, you probably have some trouble from your long cranks getting in the way 150s on a 20" wheel, especially if they’re flared-out splined cranks, will make them very low for turning. Still, try to combine the leaning turn with action-reaction.

I learned all my tricks on a 20" with 125mm cranks. Those pedals still hit the ground relatively easily, but I also won the Pairs competition at Unicon I with a 20" and 140s. I’d recommend practicing by riding around in small circles. Round and round while making it a smooth as possible.

I’m STILL finding it hard to spin, does anyone have any addition help for me, like maybe helpful hints to make the trick easier
all help appreciated

anymore help here guys, anything, even the smallest detail may help
thanks is much appreciated,

I was having trouble with spins (i still cant do them very good yet) and i found that the easiest way for me to do it is to do a short still stand and then combine a action turn with leaning turn.

If your pedal hit the ground, is it really possible to do it. I am trying it for a while with 145’s cranks on a 20" : Am i supposed to be able to spin with that ?

Some tricks are more difficult depending on your uni, but some others might be impossible. Do i have to keep on practicing hitting my pedals or may i just give up at level 5 ?