This may be a dumb question, but could you pour some vegetable oil or something on a flat, smooth surface and use that to learn?

You could also spray the trials tire with silicone spray lubricant, but that would be a bit inconvenient for when you want to use the tire to do other skills where you need traction.

I’ve seen people do pseudo pirouettes on a trials uni and a muni. I say pseudo pirouettes because a true pirouette is 3+ revolutions and you aren’t going to get that on a trials or muni. Those pseudo pirouettes were done on hard dirt with a loose dusty surface.

Spinning skills in general will eat up a tire. It’s pretty easy to quickly wear down a freestyle tire doing spins on concrete or pavement. A trials tire would wear even faster.

I can’t do a spin of any sort, but having a formally trained dancer for a wife, I can tell you dancers “spot”. When they spin, they pick one point to focus on (hopefully the audience) and hold the head looking at that point as long as they can. then the head is spun around (faster than the body) to resume
‘spotting’ on the same spot. In other words, the head looks at one thing as long as it can, and then is spun to return to that same position.
Hope that is some help.

if your riding with a low seat put it right up for starters.

Real men glue their saddle to their crown.

real men dont need a saddle.


real men show each other their shorts :wink:

I’ve never been able to get it to work myself, but then I don’t have any dance background either. I’ve also very rarely seen it done by unicyclists. Don’t know if this is because it’s harder for us, or just that nobody does it. This includes all the amazing Freestylers in Japan, where spins are pretty common.

And, I can’t hold it in any longer…

This is for everyone.

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Aah, that feels better!

Jordi did some pirouettes on a trials demo after our demo, it was crappy surface and a knobbly tire so I was pretty impressed.