Ping: Kris Holm, was that you?

Last sunday I was riding my trials cycle in the park on my way to an anti war rally and I was stopped by someone asking me if I could do any tricks. So I did a few hops and drops and right before I left he asked me if I was the one he’d seen riding the railing of the golden gate bridge a few weeks ago. Although I wanted to lay claim to that feat I didn’t. So, to the point, Kris, was that you riding the rail of the Golden gate bridge??? I must say I wonder if that guy was lying, cuz the GGB railing has 90 degree turns and it’s rather deadly to fall off, as even if you survive the 200+ft plunge, you then have some amazing ocean currents to sweep you out to sea. Just wondering, cuz if this realy happened, whoever did it must be unneccessarily brave.
Please respond, bye.

PS. I checked if he meant in the pedestrian sidewalk, and he said it was definitly the railing, which is amazing just cuz it’s really windy, and that’d be a 3.5ft pedal grab to get up, assuming this wasn’t a fib.

Sounds pretty unlikely. But 3 weeks ago exactly, a bunch of us did a 41 mile tour of San Francisco including riding the GG bridge. We most definitely were NOT on the railing though.

Photos are here


That’s it, I’m moving to California. You guys are having way too much fun without me.

Re: Ping: Kris Holm, was that you?

Two weeks ago Kris got married. If he was in San Francisco just before that, I figure at least Nathan would have heard something about it from Kris.

So I wonder if this guy either saw the Cokers and thought they were on the rail because they were higher off the ground, or maybe saw the video clip of Kris on TV, where he rides the edge of that big bridge in Vancouver. Except the bridge in that video doesn’t look anything like the Golden Gate.

I’m pretty sure when Kris rides on high skinnies like that, he doesn’t jump up there; he mounts on the rail.

That was Carol McLean on the rail of the Golden Gate Bridge. Odd that no one noticed she was one-foot stand-up wheel walking.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been mistaken for Kris Holm. But it wasn’t me.

I was on the Mackinac Bridge at that time, with a couple of friends. We were practicing backward pirouettes on the railings. For our group routine at Regionals in Illinois next year.

It was windy up there. But the practice was very helpful.

In fact, I was amazed at how much my sidestroke improved.


Nope wasn’t me- would have had to skip my wedding! Although it’s certainly possible it seems somewhat unlikely- I know of a variety of bike video stunts that were planned and abandoned for the Golden Gate because the high number of suicides there means that police seem to be very on top of anything strange going on.

Along that note, a funny thing happened to a friend of mine who is a professional trapeze artist. She was walking along the railing of the Cambie St bridge in Vancouver (a 4" wide metal railing about 150 feet off the water) and jumped down on the far side to the wail of half a dozen police car sirens,

It turned out that about a dozen people had called the police thinking she was a jumper! At first things seemed serious for her, until she had the bright idea of pulling out one of her business cards.

Once they knew about her profession, they all got very friendly, asked her all sorts of questions about the circus and then wished her well in her carreer before departing! That sort of thing makes me think that Vancouver is a very cool city to live in.


Kris, you’re dead right about the police on the GG bridge. I actually climbed to the top of the North tower back in 1986, which was illegal but done all the time back then. Nowadays there are cameras everywhere, razor wire all over the place where we climbed up, etc. I’ve heard that it’s an instant trip to jail if you’re caught too (terrorism and all). Ah, the old days. I have a friend who bungeed the GG bridge in broad daylight (1989). Try that now!

Vancouver sounds better than California for that sort of thing. I very much doubt the police would’ve come around on learning her profession, anywhere in the state.