Pictures of your latest ride

Fake? FAKE?? Oh envious slander! If my moon is fake, then how do you explain the chicken? Everyone knows that lunar foul are notoriously difficult to image, much less fake, with our primitive means.

Ah yes, Craters of the Moon, much cooler really than that lofty thing in the sky. I was a newbie last time we camped there, so never made it off the camp trail with what was then a new Nimbus 26". Can’t wait to go back, though I think it’s wee bit illegal to ride most of the trails there.
p.s. I promise next picture will be a bit more earthly and fleshy.

Yeah, full scale too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got almost dead laughing when I saw this chicken :slight_smile:
I confirm that it’s not a fake :slight_smile:

“There’s a moon in the sky, it’s called the moon” - the B-52’s

now who am I to believe?

It’s now my background on my computer :stuck_out_tongue: It looks so cool :smiley:

I can confirm that chickens are interested in unicycling:


This morning I took my new 36er out for its second ride. Last night I rode about 4 miles around the neighborhood after I finished putting it together. This morning I rode another 4 miles on local roads and took it down some easy off-road trails. Riding the big wheel off-road is a blast!




David, your pictures are fake… there’s no chicken on them!

PS Congrats on the new vehicle :slight_smile:

@ Sugarloaf, ME

A few shots of more than 50 from a Holiday street ride at the University of North Carolina.

The B-52’s are probably right. I will try to do a better job of checking facts next time. Sorry.

Flooding in Colonge

Nothing dramatic, because the city spent millions of Euros during the last 10 years to built a reliable flood protection. But still very interesting to see all the water…

This is south of Cologne, where I live. Average level is around 3.50 m. The photos show a level of 8.30 m. The City (and also the village where I live) is protected up to 11.30 m

For comparison: This is how it looks at normal level (See the wall of concrete in the middle)


Bear with me, I have a few disjointed comments for folks here:

Don’t let yourself be misled by the facts. Follow you heart.

David, while it is clear that your pictures are indeed fakes, I’d like to know if those cranks are drilled for pedals or as a weight saving measure. I couldn’t quite make out the details, but am intrigued. And I agree it is a nice ride.

Hey Hugo, I’m also intrigued by your handlebar. I’d love to see more details/photos, particularly the underseat attachment. I’ve been struggling with a cheap, yet effective muni handlebar. If considered a threadjack here, you could post it in the homemade handlebar thread.

And to everyone else - NICE PICS!

The Echo SL cranks are drilled for weight (they come this way and are unmodified). The holes decrease in size the closer they get to the pedal and there doesn’t look to be enough material to expand the holes enough to make them additional pedal holes.

The Echo SL cranks are drilled for weight (they come this way and are unmodified). A closeup of them can be see here:

Wow! Thats very steep down!

This weeks Sunday uni ride - winter muni on the 36er

Started with 15 cm’s of fresh snow and -6C temps. Snowfall was falling at about 3cm’s/hr. On pieste riding was superb, velvet feeling making fresh tracks. That all changed when I went off pieste, the wheel choice was not so good. I let out as much air as I dare, which helped. The only life I saw off pieste was fresh Mountian Lion tracks. My ride was shortened due to blizzard conditions and very challenging riding. I still got it in 19 km’s of really fun riding. 2 hours total, slow for 36er, but the conditions were tough to carry any kind of speed. Ended with 25 cm’s of new snow at the house and -10C temps on my return. BTW, it is still snowing, so I see a big phat powder day on the slopes tomorrow:)
Enjoy these pics, talk at you next sunday.

nice pics mike!

when are you coming over to europe, we still should ride together :smiley:

overhere in liechtenstein most of the snow is gone…

so we did yesterday a little of urban trial and street.

on the pics: julia

More flooding…

Out looking for yogi bear

On Sunday we went looking for Yogi Bear (He was flimed in New Zealand) :astonished: Yogi’s base was the start point for this 5+ hour muni ride.
Pete G