Pictures of your latest ride continued

I zoomed in to check out how many wheels as well but we can let him off!

Looks proper cool thou :sunglasses:

Ya… I get called out every time someone here sees me riding a two wheeler too.
I tell them I only ride the trainer on weakdays/weekdays.

The fact that it was -22C qualified me for a easy ride. :shushing_face:

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People call me out too when they see me on a bike or walking. I’m waiting for someone to say, “You’re that crazy unicycle guy aren’t you?” when I’m on the job as I frequently work in the same places I ride.

I live in a small village, 4.000 People’s live there, I’m the first person who ride a Unicycle. There 4 unis that I used mostly. People said to me the same sentences and I’m wondering who is that person and what do you won’t from me?. I don’t know it. Some people are ask some questions or thinking about that “How can I ride a Unicycle” or something else.

Don’t they ask you: Where did you steal your other wheel? (WDYSYOW)

Yeah, but not so often. Or you can answer: “If I had money I buy the second wheel” or something else.

You didn’t read my text😅

My wife and kids went for a walk with my parents in law today and so I could go for a trip on my own with the muni in that area. When I was back from my tour I met with them and it seemed like the kids didn’t want to walk anymore. So I tried to find a solution that both motivates them and gets them a little bit further. The result was this:

Of course I had to go twice to give both kids a lift.


I thought that was a weird-looking backpack at first!


The second ride on my new 27.5er. I quite enjoy the 3.8’’ fat tyre.


Just in time for the holidays weather changed from rather warm, gray and rainy to cold, sunny and a little bit of snow:

The ice on the pond was just not enough yet to carry my muni (and also that strange wooden uni obviously sticks out of the ice upside down only :face_with_raised_eyebrow:):


Nice and wet UK Christmas jaunt of a ride - and I decided to branch out on my 24” Large Marge :heart_eyes:

I’d like something in the house for uni-storage like this!


First ride of the day on this nice cloudy Christmas.


Christmas morning was cold and white. Also a nice challenge with a few UPDs (photo opportunities :slight_smile: )


The most scary about the slippery conditions was actually my shoes! I wore regular Five Ten shoes and they have very poor grip on snow…


Back on the carbon rim with some 36’er Muni.


Got to ride around in the snow for the first time. This is just the hotel parking lot. Hopefully I will find some better areas to ride tomorrow.


Changed the tyre and rode about 3 yards.

(This is a joke, of course. The roads are icey and wet).


What a Setup the 36", it’s awesome. Is it good?

I love this setup. Aerobars makes long rides easy. The upside-down brake is to both protect it and to give me more options on how I can use it.
There are still things I would like: I would love to have the handlebar bolted to the seatpost and the option to have a bar behind me.

At -28C, nobody can deny that unicycling is super cool.