Pictures of your latest ride continued

My first Muni Ride in this year. I love the Kris Holm Knee pads they don’t slipe down by the Pedaling on your 29"


Looks like it’s time to touch them pads up.
Clean the surface with some rubbing alcohol and cover with some gorilla tape… good as new (and replaceable).

I don’t use my KH pads anymore but I bet they’re more gorilla tape than anything else.

I rode the MTB trails again Friday, here are a couple more pics showing some of the more challenging roots I’m dealing with. I did manage to get through it this time with a few less UPD’s but the biggest thing was not one of them caused me to have to get up off the ground :grinning:


Spring is here!


To follow up on the above, also signs of spring on today’s ride.

No on the path shots, just this after I completed a decent 10 mile stretch after a big gap of riding my G26er.

Good weather helps a ton!


Those yellow pedals are really tasteful on a blue KH!
I wondered if you have compared the moment cranks with the spirit ones, is it easier to shift on the moment cranks?

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The Kh Dual spirits are not so good for shifing i think, because of the foam of the crank. The Moment cranks are straight and it’s directly to the food oh no fet/toe or hand to shift it. The Dual Spirit is a lottle bit heavier to reach the shift botten with for feet or hand.

Gear Shift Success on the G26
—With a flying tumble around a 100 meters after the first shift up :up: :drop_of_blood:… but undeterred I got back on and shifted up again, and held it for a long stretch until I gracefully dismounted.

“If you’re not falling, you’re probably not trying” ~ Kris Holm’s quote, felt very apt today.


And this is how the day started and ended, photo showing post schlumpf, post nursery :heart_eyes_cat:

The answer to WYOW, is attached to my cargo bike!


Love it!

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My ride from the weekend. Was a good one.


Looks like the uni rode you?

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Went MUNIing for the first time, it was so much fun! A fat tire gripping on whatever terrain you throw to it and have you firmly holded is such a great feeling.

I’m too new to it, still need more skills to fully explore the fun here (e.g. I can’t hop on obstacles), but definitely will come again soon!




I rode a Trial Uni. 19 inch is the white rim, KH Old blue Frame in 20 Inch and 100mm steehl quax cranks and Odysee Plastic Pedals. I love this SetUp. It’s the best for me and the bearings are done but i don’t want to change them, the Uni doesn’t roll away, and it stays put, for me it’s better for Trial with them and also for the jump mount. It is the old one from stuffi.

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A few days ago I was doing some slow ride practice. At the end I found my pedal was halfway unscrewed out of the crank. Be safe. Check your equipment periodically and ensure everything is tight and snug.


I was actually surprised by the loose pedal because I didn’t notice it at all while riding. ¿:+1: for improved rider control?

Check if your cranks are installed the wrong way, i.e. the left crank was installed on the right and vice versa. Pedals are designed in a way that if they are on the correct side, they won’t unscrew as you ride forward (backwards is another story.)

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They are definitely on the correct sides. I double/triple check any time I change pedals out.

It likely happened when I was doing reverse riding and/or idling. Still shaking my fist at 1/2 rev idling and battling it. One day I’ll conquer it. Hopefully soon.

That should be the problem, when riding backwards the pedals could come loose, you need to check them often.

Nice little cheeky ride as work was quiet today.
Took this awesome flansberrium 29” for a 10mile around Exeter. @jaco_flans thank you for building all of my awesome unes


Nice love this with the city in the background. Sweet!