PICS: Mount Soledad/Blacks beach MUni

Josh S and Morgan C came to visit this weekend for a little MUni action and surfing. We did two short steep and technical runs; Mount Soledad and Blacks beach. Luckily it was an overcast day because I’m still sunburnt from last weekend. Mount Soledad is rocky loose and narrow. Blacks beach is actually the cliff-side access from the La Jolla glider port (hang-gliders and para-gliders) down to Blacks beach. Unfortunately, our camera batteries ran out part way through the blacks beach ride but still managed to get a few good shots. Here goes:

Full Album can be found here:

Thanks to Jake Sprague for being a great photographer!

Awesome. Here’s some more Blacks Beach pics (sans unicycle) I took on the same trip down there when I last rode with you guys.

Oh yea, I almost forgot…

Of course with Morgan and Josh’s cutting wit, every conversation can be considered a highlight, but there were two other things in particular that stood out:

1.) Naked old man jogging down the beach. Blacks beach is a nude beach. Because it was overcast and cold (relatively for San Diego standards) I thought we’d be spared the sight of any wangs. But towards the end of our blacks beach ride, one dedicated fellow still made an appearance.

2.) This has got to be a first. We got heckled by an over-head paraglider for not riding back up the blacks beach trail! I heard a voice and thought “where the hell is that coming from?”

That’s it. What a day! Now I’m off for some 36er lovin’.

Holy crap, John! Those are great pics!!! Next time we’ve got to get some unis in those :wink:

That was a great time. Also had fun slacklining at the beach in La Jolla. Thanks Mango! And thanks Jake for some awesome shots!

Ya, being heckled by a paraglider overhead was hilarious. Good times with Josh, Morgan and Mango. My pleasure being photographer for the day!

holy crap dudes - I was in SD this weekend.

Heyyy, we missed you guys at Noble Canyon.:frowning: My legs are still reeaaalllly sore from the ride. Nice pics by the way!!!

That’s what you get for not telling anyone you’d be in SD. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time you’ll do the right thing and let us know so you can join us, right?

Jason, how did you like Noble?