Photos to encourage girls/ethnic minorities to unicycle.

In a few weeks we’ll be putting some community funding to good use by commencing the Sheffield muni project for local young people. I’m currently designing posters to stimulate interest.

We especially want to encourage ethnic minorities and girls as we suspect they’ll be less inclined to try something that looks as physical as muni.

I figured that, as pictures are worth a thousand words, that the best way would be to have a good proportion of the photos on the posters showing girls and ethnic minoirities unicycling.

Has anyone got suitable photos that they wouldn’t mind going on such publicity? (will be of limited local distribution only).

I’m especially looking for ethnic minorities (black, asian, chinese etc) as I’m having real problems finding any.

I’ve got a fair few of girls, but they’re mainly freestyle- as this is a muni project in which wearing of helmet and wrist guards will be mandatory, I’m especially interested in photos of females wearing helmet/safety gear.

Additionally, as kids who are a bit overweight may lack the confidence to get involved in physical activities; it would be a good thing to get some photos of ‘big’ unicyclists.

So, to sum up- unicycling photos of ethnic minorities, girls/women in muni safety gear and lastly, ‘big’ people.

If you’ve got any that you wouldn’t mind me using, please post either a link to them, or e-mail them.


have a look here
that’s from a visit to a Memphis Unicycle Club mud island ride.


John Foss has lots of perfect photos in the Unicon 12 section (probably other sections as well)

If you go in the MUNI album of Unicon 12, I specifically remember a photo of a girl (Irene) on a muni. He also will have Chinese riders, as well as other ethnics.

You might have trouble (well, I am pretty much gaurentee you will) copying John’s photos. So either email him, or use the “print screenshot” trick (you won’t get the greatest resolultion this way though).

Good luck!



If you can find any pics of me, feel free to use them. I’ll try looking for some myself.

This is from UNICON 2002 in Seattle. I’m not sure who took the picture, it may have been us but I just don’t remember. Anyway, she is from Japan and doing one of the most amazing moves we’ve ever seen. It’s completely impossible to do, yet many of the Japanese girls performed the move.


Wow. That is so impressive.

That’s one of my all time favourite unicycling photos. I just went to blow the dust off the monitor…then realised it was actually in the photo. :slight_smile:


I was going to direct you to my Black Hills Muni pics from last summer, then I went to the gallery and realized I never uploaded any of them except the newspaper article.

I put two female Muni photos in . My daughter was still 12 and schooled the boys! :smiley:

I’ll get the rest uploaded when I have high speed access. These took over 10 minutes each on dial up.

There are lots of shots available of Irene on a muni…she’s a great rider and draws attention. The Seattle riders have many muni shots. I’d suggest you PM “unirene” and ask her if she minds a photo being used. I’d be happy to provide one, with her blessing.

There are also lots of pics of Irene–and other women–riding their unicycles across Norway. If you write her, ask about that as well. I’d have to think people would find that inspirational (I did).

Hey onewheeldave,

Our entire club is built on diversity. Depending on which member you speak with, the reason is diversity and the excuse is unicycling - or the other way around.

Visit and go to the photos page. If you don’t find something that will help you on your quest e-mail me with specificly what you are looking for and I’ll check my photo files.


I’ve e-mailed you, I have a couple of pics I can mail too you of female muni riders.


Cheers for the links and photos everyone.

I’ve now definitly got enough of females freestyling and should soon have enough of females with muni/pads/helmets (cheers Sarah and Klaas Bil).

For the ethnic minorities, to be more specific with what I need now- Somali, Yemeni, Asian (Indian) and Chinese. These are the main groups in this area of Sheffield.

Here’s one from a recent MUC campout/MUni weekend in east Tennessee. These four kids became fast friends. One E. TN girl and three innercity Memphis Kids. This represents the basic theme of Tommy’s “Uni-ty” program. Check MUC website at

3 with yvonne.jpg

Who’s that handsome guy behind the second kid on the left?:wink:

Here is one of me riding down a hill at my local park. I’m not Indian or Chinese, but I’m Vietnamese.

If you want, I can e-mail you some more.

Re: Photos to encourage girls/ethnic minorities to unicycle.

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Foozy, that link doesn’t work.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

I’m Chinese but grew up mostly in NZ. Dont’ know if that count’s as a minority given theres a billion or so of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to use pics from my website- link below.

A lot of unicycle pictures from denmark… also pictures of girls doing muni/trials… (but only a few pics of girls with a helmet… sorry)


Anything you find on my site is fine for you to use for that purpose. If you need larger copies please let me know. Same goes for Smugmug images. I can unlock albums if needed, for you to get some digital images out.

Here’s one of my favorite images of ethnic/girl unicyclists:

They have kneepads and gloves, but no helmets.

Also check out some of the older MUni Weekend photos.