I can’t afford one for a while (in the same way as I couldn’t afford the Nimbus 36 I bought last week) but does anyone know where I might p-p-pick up a penguin? By which I mean a low rise giraffe unicycle with the bottom bracket at or only just above the fork crown, and geared more than 1:1.

I know they exist: I once failed to freemount one. Also there has been some mention of similar devices in the giraffe world record thread.

Are they all made to order?

Years ago, I had two home-made ones that were awful, but I did manage to ride them short distances.

Penguin was a unicycle brand, from the 70s. A couple of riders in RTUC had Penguin giraffes and I’ve seen a Penguin standard uni. They’re long gone as a brand, but that’s where the name comes from. I have a 5’ custom-made giraffe, but it’s not very low-rise, just not very tall.

Tom Miller (The Unicycle Factory) also made some low-rise giraffes, often with gear ratios, in the 80s. He called them Travelers.