Pegs on unicycles

I’m trying to grind. I know that grinding on handrails is done mostly by placing just the pedal on the rail, but wouldn’t the addition of a peg on the hub make it a little easier?

Has anyone successfully put pegs on their unicycle… and if so, if grinding any easier?

Pegs might also be used to create some cool street tricks. They might also get in the way a little i suppose.

Where would you put the peg?

If you mean something like pegs on a BMX-b*ke you couldn’t pedal at all. If they were shorter you couldn’t grab with them too well and every time you tried some trick they propably would smash your ankles to pieces.

I’m so embarassed… i never thought of that. Oh well… back to the drawing board. :roll_eyes:

I’ve had an idea for making a peg on one side and a crank (and pedal) on the other side. The peg would go right over the hub spindle where the other crank would normally be.

I think a unicycle like that would allow for some interesting new skills. You could do some skills similar to what the flatland BMX folks do on their front wheel. Things like coasting, gliding. one foot wheel walking (scuffing), etc. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills to be able to ride a unicycle like that the way it should be ridden so I haven’t pursued having one custom made.

You could get shorter and shorter cranks on one side until you could ride a uni like this naturally.


All you have to do is take the crank off one side, and get one of those bolt-on pegs. I have some, from a few years ago. The peg would be a few inches above the axle, but it would be easier to build than something custom. Yes, you should be able to make up some cool tricks!

I saw Dustin Kelm here in Minneapolis earlier this summer, riding a giraffe with big pegs on the hub. I asked him what they were for and he said that he can stand on them and pedal with his hands. I don’t think he grinds on them though…

Josue Barreto of Puerto Rico rode a similar uni at the NAUCC.

You say you have a summit unicycle…
Thereby, you already have pegs, just look at the ends of your cranks :wink:

This is true… :roll_eyes:

Yes that would be an easier way to do it, but I think the peg should be centered at the hub just because of symmetry and it’s the natural place to put it.

But more importantly, I need to work on my freestyle skills so I can justify the effort of having a unicycle like that made for me. Once I learn to glide and one foot wheel walk I’ll consider myself ready for a new toy.



giraffe trials…



how awsome would that be?

awesome. you’d need a cf giraffe for weight though. i can just see someone grinding a railing on steps.


mod gear handride peru small.jpg

I built a giraffe unicycle out of wood and put pegs down at the axle last year, you can indeed stand on the pegs and pedal with your hands.

however, the pegs did make it more challenging to ride down stairs sideways due to the peg catching the top of the stairs and resulting in quite a few face-plants at the library.

a wooden giraffe??? that might be interesting, any pics?

there are 20 inch unicycles with pegs in place of cranks, and the wheel rolls freely. i kind of just scanned this thread so sorry if this was already mentioned and i missed it. also, when i first got into grinding, i experimented with attaching things to one side of one of my pedals. i think a metal plate the size of your pedal for that would be good, because then that weighs down that side of the pedal so the right side is always facing up. this would be interesting, are these already made or anything?

Yes they exist.

Albes BMX has them.
Albes Link

Dans Competition BMX also has a bulletproof Lexan version
DansComp Link

Dan Heaton and some other riders have had aluminum plates welded on the bottom of their aluminum pedals (remember that you cannot weld steel to aluminum). Dan actually has a slot ground in the center of the plate to help keep the pedal from slipping off of rails.

i thought about that miself, but i am not sure as to the improvment of a grind…i don`t think the weight would be that much of a diference, if it were then it probably would be more trouble…