I have a pashley unicycle and i dont know whther it is up to date???
should i get a new one???
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Unless it’s broken, just pump up the tire, and off you go. No need to get a new one.

I wonder if it’s about time Pashley upgraded their unicycle? It is out of date. They were ahead of their time- being one of the first mass production purpose built MUnis. In fact, I think they own the name Muni.

I’ve still got my old 26" Pashley :sunglasses:

Heh, I still do too, Ken, but the only original pieces left are the frame and bearing holders, and the frame has been cut down twice…

I’ve still got a 20" Pashley ‘Muni’ that I recently retrieved from the school I left a year ago. A friend I sold it to left it there so I decided to take charge of a rescue attempt. I was amazed to find it was still there! Its marked as an ‘absolute’ on the frame, but I recognise the style & the lollipop bearing housings. I’m going to put a hookworm on it and use it to teach people on I think. I had to replace the hub & cranks just after purchase (they got knackered pretty quick).


My dad has one of those 20" ‘Absolute’ unis, I always wondered whether it was actually a Pashley. It dates from around 1996.

Pashley should definitely bring out a new uni, they make extremely good quality bikes and I’m sure they could apply the same expertise to unicycles without too much problem.
I for one would love to own a Pashley 36er!

My first uni was a 20 inch pashley UMX in about 1987. I later bought a Pashley 26 inch MUni, and have had much fun on it.

However, although you can have great fun on a Pashley, they are heavy and outdated. Knowing what I now know, I wouldn’t choose a Pashley MUni.

But that doesn’t mean you “should” upgrade. You can have miles of fun on it, and upgrade when you know what style of riding suits you, and exactly what spec. you want.

Pashley had a unicycle called UMX? I wonder where they got that name? I originally used it in the USA Newsletter in an article from 1981 for Unicycle Motocross.

I remember the advert and the purchase decision very well. At the time, Pashley made a standard 20 and 24 with normal road bicycle tyres, and the 20 inch “UMX” (as in Unicycle Moto X). The advertising leaflet went on about the standard 20 and the larger 24 and then said, “…or go uniciycle yomping on the UMX…”.

Pashley are fairly local (Staffordshire, I think) and were retailing through Halfords a bicycle and motor spares chain store.

Yomping was a fashionable word in the early 1980s, having been used a lot by the media during the Falklands conflict of 1982 to describe the Marines marching cross country.

The UMX itself was a dreadful machine by modern standards. I still have the original frame, wheel, and cranks. The alleged seat was replaced with a seat from a child’s bicyccle. The pedals were upgraded.

The bearing holders were worse than the modern Pashley ones, each being held into the fork with two self-tapping screws.