parts for 36" wheel

Hi. Looking to build a 36" unicycle wheel. Not a high end one. This will be used for a giant tricycle we want to build. Also looking forward to building my first wheel. Do you have any ideas on how to buy or order parts? Thanks!

if you want 36er wheels, get 'em from, call them up, tell them what you want, and they’ll probably be able to cut you some kind of deal.

Some people in the unicycle community can’t afford a new 36er, so when they go up for sale here it would suck to take it away from them to build a trike. Just my personal opinion.

You can also google “semcycle unicycles” and they build large wheels, may be able to do you a custom job, they have a solid 43" cycle. I’m not sure what you want to do with the thing. They’ll at least know where to find parts. You can check some penny farthing makers too, but I don’t know of any off hand.

As far as wheel building goes : ) everywhere has parts, I wouldn’t start with anything too hard, go get some cheep wheel parts from a bike shop and build one up from scratch if you have the dough, if not, just grab an old hub and rim, and rebuild it with new spokes. Some people use the unicycle itself as a wheel building stand (I’ve heard this is more common with 36 inch wheels because they don’t make wheel stands) Good luck.

You can buy a built wheel from Coker for $118 + $65 shipping:

Building your own from new parts costs about the same. 36" spokes from UDC are expensive; they are much cheaper at UDC UK but you need to put together an order with enough savings to justify the shipping costs.

You might be able to find someone on the forums with an old steel 36" rim they are no longer using.

Are you still riding the 36" you bought on the forums back in February? That’s about the least expensive 36" wheel that you’re likely to ever find. If you can justify an upgrade, say like buying a new aluminum Coker wheel for your uni, the steel wheel you currently have would be perfect for a project like this.

Are you still riding the 36" unicycle you bought on the forum back in February? That’s about the least expensive 36" wheel that you’re likely to ever find. If you could justify upgrading the wheel on your uni, say to the aluminum Coker wheel, your current steel wheel would be perfect for a project like this.

Go with the Coker wheel. It is way cheeper than any wheel that could could get built by UDC and arguably a stronger wheel, it’s just not ISIS and a bit heavier due to the extra spokes.

davidp, I just sent you a PM on your Titan frame for sale. I want to build up a 36er on the cheap, but could not figure out how to find the wheelset on the coker site. How did you figure out the url? How about other things on their site? The only thing I can see is how to order a BigOne or V2, or go to their accessories page, which only has a few things… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Thank-you fellas. Will order a new cooker wheel for me and donate to the cause the 36" wheel I bought on this forum earlier this year. You guys are great. BTW Dave from Chelmsford. I was born in Lowell and lived in Chelmsford for my first three years.

That’s funny; I was born and grew up in CT.

That’s funny; I was born and grew up in Northeastern CT.

Glad it all worked out and you will get an upgraded wheel in the process!

That’s funny; we swapped locales. I was born and grew up in CT.

The wheel is actually listed as a rim with hub and spokes you have to hit the arrow at the bottom of the accessories page.


Broken down big wheel gets a new life!

I love it and laughed along with your son when you first rode by.

Very classy, I really like the handlebar setup and classic red trike look.

Thank-you Eric! Glad you like it, and thanks for helping me find my new Coker!