For Sale - 36" Uni - $125.00 US

I’m selling my crummy 36" uni which I purchased from JCP of Florida.

It has been ridden maybe three times. Note the rubber thingies still on the tire/tyre.

I welded the flanges to the hub as there was slipping. It works now. The square (non-ISIS) cranks seem funky, so I big the BB (no rifle here) and got a KH 36"er - used but still a KH.

This IS a good way to see if a 36" wheel is for you. What do you want for $125.00 plus shipping from Arizona? :slight_smile:

If you have a need to talk me down, the price for you is $200. We’ll stop talking when you get to $150, thus saving you $50!


How much would shipping be to N0K 1L0 Ontario, Canada?

I wish I was driving by the Scottsdale area, I’d pick it up in a second! How much do you expect shipping to Tucson to be? If it’s not too much, I’d be a willing customer.

SOLD in one day. Sorry Spudman.

Thanks to Dave H. from Connecticut. Shipping was more than I told him it would be an he covered the cost. Most of the world really IS filled with honorable people; they just don’t make news, which, in a way confirms my observation that the dishonorable is the rare, the news"worthy", though I really believe that the truly worthy is focusing on the higher, the better, the kinder.

Great day here in AZ - muni riding in the McDowells in the rain.


Thank-you Jeff,

You have been a pleasure to do business with. Was not aware the wheel was on the market for only one day. First time I logged into this forum. Good timing! Looking forward to my first ride or should we say first fall.
Dave H.